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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

that moment ,

She buried her face on my chest, crying. It was a gesture of sadness. She hugged me, never wanting to let me go. I hugged her back, resting my chin on top of her head. I gripped her hand tightly, giving her sense of security. But even though she was sobbing, our dance didn’t falter. Our steps were perfect, just like our first dance together during the Yule Ball held in our high school. We were just finishing a surprise picnic dinner I’ve planned for her and we were now dancing together under her favourite tree near my home.

As I listened to the melody that was being aired through the small radio under the tree, I realized that this particular song was the first song played during the Yule Ball and the first song we danced together with and since then , it had been my favourite song. Funnily, I could remember how I gather all my confidence I possibly had just to try to ask her to accompany me to the Ball. I had a crush on her since I first set my eyes on her on our first year. She was a brilliant student, never failed to pass any exam with distinction. Maths was my worst subject ever. But ever since I had my Maths class, immediately it became my best subject.

I have my own insecurities, however. I was the school’s greatest prankster, along with my twin brother. Not a single soul I our school dares to cross our path. Of course, we excel; we were brilliant too. But people tend to remember our mischief more than our achievement. And that was when I felt that I could never match her standards, assuming that she only wants a man who is better than her academically.

I chuckled and sighed. Our feet move in synchronization, never a step out of line. She heard me and looked up, straight into my eyes. Her eyes were shining with tears, but after looking beyond those tears, I could see that her mind flown to our past too. It’s funny when after that Ball, she was eager to look forward to another date with me. It turned out that she too was having a crush on me. But she assumed that I only dated tall athletic girls, the opposite of her, being a bookworm and a know-it-all girl.

As she looked up, I twirled and spun her, matching the rhythm of the song entitled Magic Works, our favourite song. I tried to push away all my sadness as the song progressed. The world now is under the ministration of an evil leader who seized the Ministry two months ago. 16 years ago, he once ruled the country, killing people and torturing the innocents. But when he tried to kill a pair of twins, somehow he met his downfall. Nobody knew what really happen but he lost all his powers and disappeared. Those twins, who were in fact me and my brother, were hailed as the saviour of our world. But now he’s back, ruling the nation with cruelty. Citizens live in fear and to seek revenge, I and my twin brother were wanted by him. I had to leave everything behind: my life, my family, my friends and my girl to keep them save, while my brother and I had to seek ways to bring the merciless leader down. Like it or not, we are forced to do that, and she knew that it was the only way my brother and I could bring peace to our world once again.

This was going to be our last dance, not knowing when we will be seeing each other after this. I never wanted to leave her here all alone with my family, but God knows what my twin and I will have to face during our journey. By making her follow us, I had her exposed to another set of danger, possibly more peril than what she was supposed to go through. As the song ended, I couldn’t help my eyes to secrete a single lone tear. She was my everything, and leaving her without me was the worst decision ever I had to make. I bent down to her face, kissed all the streaks of tears on her cheeks before my lips settled on her forehead. She was no longer crying, but I knew that we were approaching our separation moment. I whispered, “Believe that magic works, and don’t let this moment slip away,” before untangle myself from her embrace before I walk away from her.

I couldn’t look back, it hurts too much and I couldn’t see her face full with pain. When I arrived to the spot where I was supposed to meet my brother not far from her, I saw that he was already there, with sadness spread all over his facial features as he too was saying goodbye to his fiancĂ©e. He smiled and grabbed my hand. I spun on the spot, and just before I disappear, I heard her heartbreaking sobs.

That moment , was the worst one in my life.

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