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Sunday, July 31, 2011

About me =D

 Hi, everyone. I’m Hasmiera binti Hassin @ Hashim. My name was given by my first sister-in laws named Nasriah binti Mat Noor. In my family, all my siblings has ‘’HAS’’ syllable in our first name. I was born on 25 th February 1993 in Hospital Mentakab.  I live in the Felda settlement, Felda Jengka 23 where the hectares of oil palm are surrounding us. These oil palms are sources of our income. I like to watch youtube and reading. I read many kind of genre but mostly I prefer love story. Watching youtube is a kind of entertainment for me. Normally, I watch Korean entertainment such as variety shows, music videos and dramas.  After SPM examination, I thought I was going nut by watching them at least 5 hours per day. I can claim that I obsess with K-pop world. I really like them to some extent I realise that I can understand what they’re saying without seeing the subtitles.

Now, let’s explore about my family. My family consists of 6 members. They are my dad, mum, two brothers, sister and me. I don’t have little sister or brother but I am happy to be the youngest one.  This is because my parents give most of attention toward me since all my siblings already married. But then, it does means that I am being pampered by my parents. They teach me to be an independent person.  That why, I stayed in Asrama Semai Bakti Kelana Jaya for 5 years and I got a flying colour for my SPM results.

After SPM, I applied for MARA scholarship and FELDA scholarship. I got both of them.  Mara scholarship offered me to do foundation at UTP whereas Felda offerred me to further my study abroad for accountancy.  I had to make a choice between them. It was the hardest decision that I ever had. Now, I’m here in UTP to chase my dream. I already take a step in my life and the rest I will let my God to lead me. What I know are 3 things which are pray, effort and faith in God. I just hope a beautiful ending of my life with His blessing.


Dear Mr. ????

I am very happy to hear from you. It had been quite a long time since the last time we met.  Actually, I was glad to see you at our reunion last time but a bit sad because you did not approach me. You could say hello or at least say something to me. I’m still myself even though  my appearance had changed.

If you’re asking about those memories, I can surely say yes to it. I still remember our high school days in SMK  Rantau Petronas.  It was one of the best memories in my life. I met you there as a friend and then we became close friends. However, everything changed when you express your feelings towards me. It was weird and I never thought about it. How could you say that to me when you were in relationship with another girl? Were you mad or something? Of course, I rejected you. Besides, you were  in love with the appearance not the heart. That was why, I ignored your request. I was scared you will get bored with me and appearance guarantees nothing.

I also think that our memory is fun and interesting. But at the same time, I can feel romantic too.  You always crack jokes to make me laugh. I felt entertained. Now, I know the reason behind it.  Do you really like my laughter??  I can laugh for you even 100 times. You just need to ask. About your dream, I am confident that you can pursue it. I was not making fun of it but actually I tried to encourage you.

Although we are far apart but I always keep track of you. I was happy when you were married to Lisa. She was a good woman and I am sure she had been a good wife to you. I felt sorry about the accident. About her wish, I think I can fulfil it. This is because we are destined to be together.  No matter how far I ran away from you but our destiny lies in God’s hand. And now I meet you again. Actually, I had married before and had a son. So, let’s be a good parents to our children. See you then. Assalamualaikum.

Your love,

Monday, July 25, 2011


Task from Mr Razol.

Based on the short movie One Man Band produced by PIXAR, the main characters in this short movie is a girl with a purple hood, and two musicians. This short movie is set in a plaza, where a wishing well is located. The themes I studied in this story is competition and revenge.

The first theme is competition. In this story, a musician played his musical instruments alone at the plaza, until a girl came in to throw a coin into the wishing well. When he saw the girl, he started to play the musics more interestingly as he wanted the coin the girl was holding. The girl started to walk towards him and when she was about to insert her penny into the can, there was another sound of music heard from the opposite side of the plaza. She turned around and walked away to watch another musician who attracted her attention to get the coin. This made the music fight begin. Both musicians competed each other in order to win the coin from the small girl. They tried their best to play the best music and tried everything they had as an effort to get the girl's attraction. 

The second one is revenge. When both musicians fought, the girl got confused to whom she should give the coin. Eventually, the coin fell down into the drain making her to have a grudge against both musician. She was supposed to make a wish but because of the musicians, she lost her coin. After that, she reclaimed back her coin from the musician but sadly both of them didn't even have one. However, she wanted the violin owned by the second musician as a compensation. She did not satisfied as her coin fell down into the drain for nothing, and because of that she was seeking revenge.


Dear Khaleeda,

I am fine, thank you. For your information, I am still the same Syazwan Nizam that you have met in the past 31 years. Yes, it has been long time since we last met at the SEMASHUR, and I was very surprised to receive a letter from you. I will never forget my school moments because I love to spend my time with all of our school's friends. I am still in contact with our friends that you have mentioned earlier.

As you know, I was divorced with my wife Nelisa Syaheera. We had been together for 8 years and we have two daughter, Amirah and Afifah. I am very happy with my kids and they are like apples in my eyes.

Dear Khaleeda,

Well, it has been 31 years since you dumped me. You don't have to say sorry because I had forgive you and I had forget about the thing long time ago. I was very sad at the time you said you wanted to leave me. You were the nicest girl that I had ever known. You cared about me. At that time I always prayed that I would marry you someday. I wanted to be the man that always be right next to you.

I also still remember the time when we spent time together. Those memories will stick in my mind forever. You were so cute when you sang 'My Heart' song even though you were not a really good singer.

Dear Khaleeda,

I am really sorry because at this time, I don't have any intention to have any serious relationship with other women. I still have my kids right now and I am happy with them. I am really understand that my kids needs attention from a person called mother right now but I think that I could still be a great father and mother to them. Moreover, no women could replace my kids mother and my ex-wife is together with me to take care of our kids.

I am still have the feeling towards you right now but we were not meant together. I hope that I can still be a friend of you. ;)


Syazwan Nizam


My name is Muhammad Zulhelmi bin Azhar. I was born on 28th January 1993. I live in Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur. My father's name is Azhar bin Saad and my mother's name is Rohana binti Ithnin. I have three siblings. I have one older sister and one younger brother.

I went to SK Kelana Jaya (2) from Standard 1 until Standard 4 because my family moved to Kuala Lumpur. Then, I went to SK Polis Depot in Standard 5 until Standard 6. My secondary school is SM Sains Tengku Abdullah. I was there from I was Form 1 until Form 5.

I am at Universiti Teknologi Petronas right now. I am in first semester of foundation, and will further the studies in Petroleum Geoscience which in undergraduate period that will start next year. I was very happy now because my dream to be UTPian is finally came true and I will make sure that I will achieve excellence as success will follow me later.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

One Man Band Review

One Man Band by Pixar is an interesting and charming short movie which has an intriguing theme, greed. Greed is portrayed by the two musicians, the two of them challenged each other and started fighting over money from the little girl. However, an irony was depicted through the little girl. She was not greedy about the money. After the two musicians frightened the girl, causing the coin to slip into the drain, the girl performed effortlessly using a violin from one of the musicians at the plaza. Soon after, someone gave her a big bag full of coins. In contrary, the two musicians who played with all their might did not earn anything. So, in life, we should not be greedy. What is rightfully ours will be ours if it was meant to be. 


Wait wait wait. Why is there blog entries of "One Man Band" and "Vegetarian Recipes" ? I thought our latest blog entry for Group 10 would be the reply of a love letter? Please explain. I need to know, is it a task given by Mr. Rosli? Thanks.

About 'One Man Band'

This short movie revolve at the square of a city during daylight. This movie starts when the musician with drums tries to persuade a small girl to donate her only gold coin to him. But another musician with violin comes to compete with the first musician for the gold coin. Everything becomes complicated when the girl's gold coin rolls to the drain. Then, the small girl asks for the violin and surprisingly, she plays it skillfully and manages to get a bag of gold coin easily. After that, the girl changes from a kind-looking character to a vengeful one. She mocks the musicians by throwing two gold coins to the pond after offered it to them. At last, the two musicians cooperate to get the coin from the pond.

The theme of this story is revenge. As the evidence, the girls takes her revenge from the musicians by throwing two gold coins into the pond after purposely to make the musicians disappointed. This happens when her first coin rolls into the drain due to the musicians' mistake. The second theme is determination. The two musicians compete with each other hardly to get the only coin from the girl. This shows that they are very determine to get the coin. 

One of the symbols in this story is the gold coin. It symbolizes the life. Without the gold coin, the musicians have nothing to eat. That is why they try to get that coin either by hook by crook. The irony of this story is when the musicians cooperate to get the coins from the pond at the last part of this movie although they compete for it at first. This shows that anything can happen although it seem that they cannot cooperate at first. The girls also surprisingly a good musician because she plays better than the musicians. This is irony because actually the two musicians are begging and showing their talent to the girl without knowing her talent.

About Me

 27th Dicember 1993, around 7.30 p.m. the world ,made a history when one boy, handsome, smart , genius was born. His name given is Muhammad Zulfadli Bin Zulkifli. It was me. I am the eldest from five siblings. My father’s name is Zulkifli Bin Sulaiman and my mother’s name is Siti Norashkin Binti Mohd Anuar. I was born at Pusrawi, Kuala Lumpur.
    I went to the school for the for the first time at Sekolah Kebangsaan Bandar Baru Sentul. But, when I was in standard four, me and my family moved to Bandar Tasik Puteri and I continued my studied at Sekolah Kebangsaan Bandar Tasik Puteri. I take my first memorable examination which was UPSR at that school. Thanks to God. I got 4 A’s in my UPSR. Unfortunately, I could not further my studied at boarding school which is called “Sekolah Berasrama Penuh(SBP). But I never take it for granted. I was selected to enter “Kelas Rancangan Khas(KRK)” which was SBP’s quality at the ordinary school. I studied hard to fulfill my dream to become SBPians. Luckily, after PMR examination, I got 7A’s.  Early in January 2008, I got an offer to continue my studied at Sekolah Menengah Teknik Sepang. I was accepted the offer and went to the school.
   For the first time, I got the most memorable feeling, great feeling, experiences how was life at boarding school. But, at the middle of May 2008, I got another offer and this offer made me feel like I am the king of the world, the happiest person in this universe. I was accepted to continue my studied at Sekolah Menengah Sains Bagan Datoh (SABDA). That school was SBP school, new SBP school and I with the others 300 students were the first batch of this school. Finally, my dream came true. I was finally chosen to be part of SBP family. I studied as hard that I could at that school.
   One day, when I went to my grandfather house at Dato’ Keramat, Kuala Lumpur, my grandfather made a wish to me. He wanted one of his grandchildren to enter Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP). Then , I set at my mind to enter that university so that I can make him happy and fulfill his dream.
   After my SPM, I am finally chosen to enter UTP and it was the biggest achievement in my life!

One men band

In this short movie, we can find few ironies. Irony mean that the different of the character at the beginning and end. The first irony is when the two street performances firstly fight individually for the gold coins but finally they become together without notice. The music that mixed sounds more interesting. When they together without notice, they actually no more one men band but become a band. They are playing different instrument with different style and as a result it become more interesting. The young kid actually amused with their performance but at last the combination of music become messy and scared the young kid. In real life, a combination of music instrument and different performance style make a band become more interesting and best entertaining.
Secondly, the irony is the young kid decision. The young kid actually wants to put the coin into the wishing pool. But, she change her decision to give the coin to the first street performance because she found that the street performance entertaining her. Unfortunately, the second street performance came and plays his music. The second performance was successful to attract the young kid to give him the coin. The first performance also never takes it for granted. He fight with the second performance and tried to get the coin from the young kid. Finally, when they are fighting, the coin was unfortunately dropped to the drains. The young kid was so mad and wants the violin from the second performance. The young kid then plays an awesome music and got rewarded with a bag of gold. In this situation, irony is the decision of the young kid to give the coin to the performance and the kid finally become the musician and get a bag of gold.

love letter

Dear ezzat,
I’m fine. Thanks you for your concerned for asking me that question. It’s true that we haven’t see since our last day at primary school. Or should I repeat it again “PRIMARY SCHOOL”. We were in child age during that time. Even you not matured enough to understand the meaning of love. Except for me, Im girl and reach puberty at the age. Even I have reached puberty at that time. I still could not understand what is actually loved. Do we really need love? Yes I am a psychiatric. But who said to you that I was single? At the time I’m futher my studied at Munich. I founded my true love, Haiqal. We have wonderful time together till now. For your information, he stills my husband and we have three kids. Congratulation to you because now you are well successful geoscientist.
Dear ezzat,
Yes I still remembered the hut. The placed that we used to spend time together after recess. It was  so sweet at that time. We were playing games, doing homework and we understand what is actually friendship meant. Me also miss that moment. If I have I change to rewind back to the time. honestly  I will be the happiest person in this world.
I moved to Sydney because my parents have to work there. We can only plan but God will do the rest. It is fate. Our fate was not being together. We have different world and thinking. It is for you if you control your feelings. I know that you are nice person. We deserve better.
All the flying colour result that you get was not because of me. The one that bring success was you. Think positive. Your mom done a good decision because married your with Shera. It was your fate. Shera is your true love. God will not do bad thing to human. It is destiny to guide her. Love her. I’m also a woman. I understand well what her feeling. Actually she wants to test you. Whether you love her or not. How come you said that she find her true love now? 35 years she stand  by your side. You need to forget me. Stop hoping that I will become your wife. Shera is your wife.
I’m so sorry. I’m not your wife to be. You need to realize that. You need to give your love to Shera. She really love you. She love you more that herself. She’s no with me. At my home. We were plan this so that your will realize. Stop dreaming. Wake up! It is your responsible to guide and love her. I hope that we still can be friend. :D
Your true friend,

im not gay :'(

Billet - Doux

Dear my love 'AA',

It's a very grateful to receive a precious letter from you last two weeks. I had been waiting so long to hear back from you. Honestly, I just missed you so much. I remember when it was together 'till the end, now I'm alone again. Where do I begin? Please say there's no regret and say you wont forget. Because I'm not lost, I'm not gone. I haven't forgot.


These feeling I can't shake no more. These feeling is running out the door.These feeling I can't take no more. It's getting harder to pretend that I'm still waiting for you. I still remember the moment of our separation when you said "It's over". It never crossed my mind that there would be a time for us to say goodbye. What a big surprize! Because I can't stand to hear it. All those crazy thing you said, you left them running through my head. I feel like you're everywhere and right now I wish you were here. Now, you're back. I still love you. I do, I did, and I always will dear even thought you had dumped me.


The moment you left me, I can feel us starting to drown slowly and I can feel my heart is burning out. I always wonder how you going to turn it back around. I was hoping all these years because it's not enough to give me what it is I want from you. I want back your love baby. It's really hard for me to let you go. I guess you're the only one for me dear. I believe that the course of true love never did run smooth. Well, as long you want me back, I will always be with you. We can start a new life. It would mean everything in this world if you still loved me and it would be more than happy if you want to start a new life with me. And would give me the happiest moment in my entire life if you want to be my wife.


Let us begin a new life together. It would make me the happiest guy on earth if I could see a glimpse of your face if I could. I would fly away from US to Malaysia to see your precious smile. I just want you to know, that I won't let you go. I love you. These words are my heart and soul and I hold on to this moment you know.I'll bleed my heart out to show that I won't let you go. I'll see you soon. Take care my dear.



Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vegetarian Recipe: Fruit Pizza

Nowadays, vegetarian food are getting popular because it is more tolerate to our health. By eating vegetarian food, we can get many benefits. We can save our earth and keep our body healthy. I want to share on how to make a fruit pizza. We just need about 10 minutes to make this vegetarian recipe and it is very easy to be prepared.

First of all, to make a good taste fruit pizza, we must get all the ingredients. We will need one large tortilla, three large strawberries, one banana, one cup of pineapple, two kiwis and an orange. You also may have berries if you wish to enhance your pizza with more natural flavor. Besides, it is good for your skin. Do not forget half cup of vegan vanilla yogurt for your pizza. This ingredients depend on your favor. You may change it depending on your tongue.

Now, we come to the interesting part of making this vegetarian recipe. First, the yogurt must be spread over the tortilla. The spread must be enough for the fruit to be adhered. Secondly, cut the fruit into small enough pieces to vary each bite of the pizza. Then, arrange the fruit on the tortilla. Arrange it by using your creativity. If needed, spread more yogurt for paste. Finally, cut the pizza into pieces and serve it with some decorations.

I hope that all of you will enjoy this fruit pizza very well.


Reply a Love Letter

Dear Ros,

I received your letter two days ago. My heart was beating up faster and faster as I went through each word in the letter. I do not expect to hear anything from you after a long time and I never expect to get to know that you still have a feeling to me since you have married to your mother's choice. I know that you had to obey your parents and chose to sacrifice our genuine love for that man. I can't blame you for everything happen for a reason.

Dear Ros,

We had truly a wonderful time when we were teenagers. I always thought about you when I studied oversea. Your view always came into my mind when I wanted to sleep. You are special to me. By the way, I want you to know that I did not take your diary on purpose. I found it on the floor when I was searching for my pen. The only thing that I read from the diary was your name. I never read your writings. I tried to explain to you but you did not believe it. Instead, you mumbled me with thunderous words. I knew that I had blew tour temper. That's why I gave you those cookies just to cheer you up. I really hope that you will understand this although it is too late.

Dear Ros,

I felt very desperate when I got to know that you had married. I saw my world went into pieces. After a long time, the news I got from you was the bitter one. I was very sad but I knew you must had your own reason. I tried to vanish you from my mind. I married with my friend whom I met when I studied in UK. By the time, I managed to completely forget you. I had a great life with my wife and children. But we cannot predict the future, my wife had gone due to her illness. I faced this patiently although my tears welled up each time I remembered her.

Dear Ros,

I am sorry to say that I cannot accept you in my life now. I still missed my wife. She was the woman who came into my life when I am in trouble. I cannot even think to replace her with any woman including you. I knew your feeling but I really had to say sorry. Our love was past and now my love is to my children, the most precious pearl that my wife left me with. But I do not know what will be in the future. For now, I want to concentrate to my children.


                                                                                                                                   Your friend,

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hello Homosapiens

On the 12th April 1993, the daughter of A. Majid bin Ngah and Zaihana Abd. Hamid was born in Kuala Lumpur. That's me! Maizan Amani is the name given. I'm the eldest in my siblings. I live at Bandar Country Homes, Rawang, Selangor. I studied at Sek. Men. Sains Hulu Selangor (SEMASHUR) with Nurul Aida and Aida Khaleeda. They are my english tutorial group members too. What a coincidence! I went to study at SEMASHUR for 5 years and managed to obtain flying colors in my SPM result. On the 6th May 2011, I was shortlisted to attend UTP May Intake Interview. I was so nervous on that day like having butterflies in my stomach. I really wanted to enroll to UTP because UTP is my first choice of university. Thank God, I'm here now!

That's is about my mission to enroll to UTP. I had forgotten to write about my family background. Hehe. I came from a middle income family. I wasn't born with a silverspoon in my mouth. My father works as a manager at his own company. While I was waiting for my SPM result to come out, I worked with him as his accountant. But I only managed to earn RM 400.00 for my salary. I guessed I'm not an experience accountant. Huhu. My mother works with Sarawak Shell Bhd company.

I don't know what to write more. This is the first essay since I never wrote an essay for a long three months. Maybe I'm not in the mood to write an essay. Especially an essay to introduce myself. I don't like to talk about myself. Especially to strangers. I hope I can achieve my dream to become a succesful chemical engineer in the future. I guess that's all about myself.

Love Letter

Dear XXXX,

It' s good to hear from you. It has been a long time since we contacted each other. Yes, it's true I just come back from Rusia. That is the most interesting experience in my whole life. Anyway how are you? How's life going on? Miss you very much.

Yes, I still remember that stall and the delicious fruitpunch, I can't forget it.I missed the old day very much. When we used to hangout together, watch movie, shopping and the walk at the park at night. Hope to meet you soon. Can you give me your phone number? It will be much easier to contact you.

We can meet up at the old stall and have fruitpunch. I got a mountain of stories to share with you. I never thought of meeting up with you again when I went to Rusia. It blows me away when I received your letter. I can't remember the last time I am happy like this. Hope that our relation will be more serious after this.

Yours lovingly,


Thursday, July 21, 2011

One Man Band

In the short film, One Man Band , one of the theme is greed. Which is shown by the two street performers. Both of them try to get the attention from the little girl to obtain the one and only gold coin she has. Both of them give their best and when the musical rivalry got wild the girl got scared and the gold coin drops of her hand and fall into the drain. As always greed get nothing.

The second theme is revenge, which is shown by the little girl. After her gold coin fell into the drain , she insists to get one of the street performers violin. Amazingly she played like a maestro and get a bag of gold coins from a passing pedestrian. She hugs the bag and went to the fountain, but then she pick two coins from the bag and tempts the street performer. Before they could reach it she flipped it to the top of the fountain.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Moment I Finally Found It

I was a numb person. I felt like losing something deep inside of me. I couldn't remember my childhood days with my birth mother. My inborn impulse kept saying that my life didn't seem so happy if I had raised by my birth mother. But there were thousand question that still playing around my head. Why didn't she raises me up? Why she was so willing to give me to my adoptive parents? And the main question is; Does she loves me?

Sometimes I realized that I had a happy childhood days with my adoptive parents but could I get a happy and meaningful childhood days if I lived with my birth mother. Could she bakes me a cake for my birthday every year? Could she sews my halloween costume? Could we have a joyful moment in the kitchen baking cupcakes and cookies like I used to have with my adoptive mother. But I didn't think so. If I managed to have those precious moment, then why she didn't want to raise me, take care of me. Somestimes I felt like being rejected by my own mother. I am very curious to get to know her. I have to know my real family history. My real name. My real mother. My real hometown. If not, so who am I?

I love my adoptive parents so much. They are the apple of my eyes. I'm very grateful to have people that willing to take care of me as their own child. They managed to color my life. I couldn't imagine my life without the presence of my adoptive parents. My life might be dull without people who could build your life and love you until you had become a succesfull person. They also had manured virtue inside of me. Bethany Moore is my name. But I knew this was not my real name. This was the name that had given by my adoptive parents once ther adopted me. My adoptive parents didn't talk much about my birth mother. So, I decided to do on a research for my mother at the I found her name - Elizabeth Hopkins. But I couldn't find the place she lives now. I contacted Maisie, the person in-charge and waited for a favorable reply.

I live in Arizona and it is really far from my adoptive parents in New Hampshire because of my career. I work as a lawyer at Brook & Ben Company. I love my job, protecting the innocent people. But sometimes I had to defence for bad people and fight with the innocent ones. I had the ability to stand for justice. I won several lawsuits along my career. The courtroom isn't an 'alien' to me. I'm very good to stand for facts and fight against the doubts. I was thinking if I had inherited these skills from my birth mother. I do hope so. So that I had something in common with her. But I realized that this is not who I am. Why could I stand for others but not for my own rights?

One evening, after a long day in the courtroom, I got a phone call from Maisie. She told me that my birth mother lives in East Garden that only took one and a half hour from Brook & Ben Company office. Even I was tired but I couldn't lose this oppurtunity to meet her. I drove my car to East Garden. I finally reached the destination that I had been waiting for. Dreams can take you to places you haven't been before. I parked my car at the sidewalk. I walked slowly to her house gate. She lives in a small country style house. I saw a lady sitting on a beach the garden. That should me her! The garden was a sight to behold with a kaleidoscope of colourful flowers. I felt like the flowers were welcoming me to meet her. I walked towards the lady with full of anticipation while finding the right words to greet her. I felt like there were something stucked in my guts when it came to introduce myself.

She looked younger than I thouht. I greeted her and asked, "Good evening. I'm Bethany Moore. Are you Elizabeth Hopkins?" She answered, "Yes. I'm Elizabeth Hopkins." She's my birth mother that I had being dreamt of! This was the moment that I had been looking for. I finally found it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This is me..

             Hi, people. Whoever you are, I’m here to introduce myself. Do you guys know me?? No, I guess…. Anyway, I’m Yong Hong Yaw, people do call me Yong or Hong yaw. I’m always talkative, bouncy and as well as naughty, I should say. But, I must say that I am kind and good in heart. I love my family, I love my friends, I love animals, I want the world to be perfect, but it can’t… I wonder why??
      Alright I shall start with my personal stuff. I’m a dude, aged 17 and was born on the 20th of September 1993. I was born in a lovely, caring and wonderful family. There are 4 family members in my family which are my dad, my mum, my sister as well as me!! We are a small but happy family. Although my family is moderate and I can’t always get anything that I like, do anything as I wish, I’m still very happy and satisfied to be a part in this family. I always believe that the happiness is always based on ourselves. We choose to be happy or not. I chose to be happy!!
       For your information, I’m from Johor Bahru, the southernmost district of the Peninsular Malaysia. I love JB, I love my home. It is always a fun place and the best place to be in this world. You guys might felt that I’m biased, but it’s true!! I’m an ex- student of SMK Dato Jaafar. I love my school as well, there is plenty of  fun people as well as the surrounding was very nice. Just like UTP where I’m currently studying. I finished my SPM at this school on the year of 2010 and got straight ‘A’ for it. I’m very happy with it as I did my best!! I’m always hoping to further my studies abroad especially the European countries, but I don’t have a chance to do so…
        Now, I’m here at Universiti Teknologi Petronas doing my foundation in Mechanical Engineering. Although it’s not as awesome as studying abroad, I must still say it’s still a consolation price for me! At first, I didn’t want to come here to attend the interview, but upon reaching here I was amazed by the buildings here especially the Chancellor Complex and the sports facilities. That’s why now I’m proud to say that I’m part of UTP!!
        I’m more like the type of sporting guy, I love to go for sports activities especially football, futsal, badminton, jogging as well as basketball. I used to tell those people who do not go for sports and always stay at home to get some life in a sarcastic way. It is because life is just about enjoying. What’s the point of keep on walking or studying without having a fun life? Will you be happy? Will you be healthy? Hell no!!!
       For my future, I hope to be a professional, help the mankind, serve the world and hopefully get an awesome family!! For the time being, I’m going to strive hard to get a great result for my degree and hopefully able to enter an international company and travels around the world!! That’s all from me!! Cheers!! =]           
Hi, I am Arjund A/L Prakasan. My hometown is Batu Pahat, Johore. I am the second of four siblings. When I was two years old my father was transfered to Indonesia by his company. So the whole family moved there. I went to a private school , a catholic school. My youngest sister was born in Indonesia. We come back to Malaysia after 10 years living there. It was quite difficult at the beginning. New place, new home, new school and friends. When I came back here I directly went to form 1 and after a week there was an exam. I failed half of my subject but I am surprised to get number 1 in class. My father was strugling to find a job but then he got a job at Senai, Johor Bahru in an ink cartridge company, Celestica. My mother is a housewife but she teaches tuition at home for primary students. I got a flying colour for my SPM examination and now I am in UTP. My eldest sister is in Masterskill College at Cheras. My younger brother is studying form 5 at Batu Pahat and my youngest sister is currently doing form 1. I applied for a few things beside UTP which are JPA scholarship and marine engineering at ALAM ( Akademi Laut Malaysia). I was very happy to get UTP eventhough I didn't get the JPA scholarship. After a few days at UTP I received a call saying that I was offered a scholarship by MISC to study diploma in marine engineering at ALAM. I was surprised to get it but after a discussion with my family I turned down the offer and I am going to continue at UTP. I hope that I did the right thing and I will never regret it . I am interested in sports mainly football and running. To keep my body fit I also went to gym. I prefer outdoor activities to pass my time

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Moment

One of the moments I experienced in life is when I changed the tires of a car for the first time.
Of all days and places for it to happen, it happened somewhere around 7pm, which was starting to get darker by the minute and in the middle of a not-so busy road, if it was busy, i'd be dead. The car suddenly felt lopsided and i was sitting on that side. Which was weird, because I was lighter than my mom by around 1 or 2kg.

We kept on driving for a few more kilometers and the journey was really bumpy since one tyre went psssssshhhhhhhhtttttt...... When we actually stopped by the roadside, i checked the tyre and it was completely deflated. So, my mom called my dad and my dad called my brother and my mom called my brother as well to ask him to pick us up and send us to the shoe store, so that my mom could buy her shoes and send us back to the car. In the mean time, we stopped at a petrol station to wait for my brother to pick us up.

For the first time ever, I changed the tire of my car, which was really heavy even with help. It got really messy because of the grease and oil. The crank felt really tight due to the heat from the tires which caused the bolt to expand and harder to release. I feel so proud of myself. The inner part of the tyre was completely cracked through the whole circumference due to exhaustion over the years. This shows to prove that car owners should send in their cars for check-ups and fix-ups every few months or so to avoid such incidents.

All in all, it was a valuable experience and there are moral values to be learnt from this but I just do not know what they are.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

the unforgetable moment.

Everyone had been through a lot of moments. There is happy moment, sad moment, surprised moment and even thrilling moment. This same goes to me. I am a teenager aged 18 now, I had been through ups and downs, a lot of memorable moments, happy moments and even sad moments. There is one moment which just happerned recently that I will never, ever forget.

         Since young, driving was my biggest dream ever. I love to look at my parents driving. No matter where are they driving to, I insisted to follow. I felt that driving is a skill that is cool and in order to be good in it, one must really know the car well, the route well and have good skills. This is also why I’m taking up mechanical engineering now. I hope to major in automotive in the future and hopefully managed to be a part as the Lotus F1 team, represent the country, make the country proud!

           When I am 17, the first thing I did after my birthday is sign up for the driving license tutorial class and wanted to get my driving as soon as possible. The first driving tutorial class isn’t an easy thing for me. I bet others felt that as well. I were taught over and over again by my tutor how to drive, control and handle a car. As a driving enthusiast, I didn’t gave up easily. In the end I managed to get my driving license just after 1 driving exam. That makes me felt proud of myself.

          Ever since I get my driving license, my parents borrowed me their car and allowed me to drive around in the town on my own as I promised them that I will drive safely and does not speed! That was the time of my life. It’s kind of like part of my dream came true. I started going everywhere; find my friends out for a drink or hangout. I don’t mind fetching them anywhere as I can improve my driving skills as the time goes by.

           I can still remember vividly. Last 5 months, I drove 3 of my friends on my dad’s car planned to go and watch a movie at the cinema in the town. We booked the tickets before hand and we were kind of late at that time. As we were in hurry, I decided to step on the accelerator harder. Thinking that we won’t miss the movie. That was the first time I’m driving the car at such a high speed. I’m quite confidence at that time, I thought that I can control the car. Who knows, at a blink of eye, a cat dashed out across the road while I ‘m driving very heading towards it.

         I don’t want to kill the cat! The first thing appeared in my mind is “STOP!!!” I slammed the brake as hard as I could, try to stop the car, but the car skidded. Thank god that everyone of us and the cat were save without any injury. That moment, I’m totally blanked, don’t know what to do. I felt sad because I did a stupid decision to speed where I had promised my parents that I’m not going to do so.

         Ever since that incident, I will never ever forget the moment. I knew why my parents want me to drive slowly on the road, I knew why they don’t want me to speed on the road… It’s all because they loved me. They don’t want to lose me. That moment thought me to drive safely on the road. No matter how good is your skills, accidents can happern at anytime and anywhere.. That moment was carved on my heart forever, it reminds me to drive save on road because there is always someone waiting for us to come back.

Friday, July 1, 2011

An Introduction to Everything :)

Aida Khaleeda Mohd Pauzi was given by two of my favourite people in the world, of couse, my parebts. I was born on 22nd November 1993, which I consider a very lucky month to me. I was born in Kuala Lumpur which I came from and both sides of my family. Suprisingly, both of my parents come from Kuala Lumpur. It sometimes makes me envy to see many of my friends get to go back to their old vintage village when it comes to holidays such as Hari raya or Raya Haji. The experience, the joy and the fun which I shall never gain. But looking on the brighter side, I can visit my village every Saturday night which is onlly 20 minutes from my house and watch movies together. It is kind of our tradition and routine in my family. I would like to talk about my family now. I just love talking about them as I love and be proud each and everyone of them. I have my handsome dad, awesome mom and my siblings consist of 5 beautiful ladies and 1 handsome baby boy. My dad is a mechanical engineer and work in Exxonmobil and my mom is an add math teacher in high school. My sister worked as Petroleum Geoscience in Petronas, my second is studying in Middesbrough doing in Business Information System, my third sister is studying in Mansoura doing her Medic, the fourth is me, stuck in this horrible eviroment, Tronoh but proudly in University Technology of Petronas, my fifth sister is in boarding school and our one and only baby boy in the house, is sitting for his UPSR. I guess enough talking about my background. Boring enough? Oh yeah I can speak 3 languages which are Bahasa Melayu, English and Thai. Suprise? Err not so. Haha :P I used to live in Thailand for 3 years back when I was in Primary school. I'm not sure what else to write , its kind of awkward for me to write after 5 months not holding any pens. Em I am not in some kind of serious relationship and not looking foward to. But frankly speaking, I have feelings to BOYS. I am straight and normal by the way. Well, i guess this is it. Enough talking about me. I am looking for a better things in here, UTP new friends, new stuff, new enviroment. Its a whole new thing for me. And can't wait what is waiting ahead for me. Till then, Toodles! :)