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Thursday, August 25, 2011


In English lecture on Monday, I have watched a short animated film from Disney Pixar entitled ‘One Man Band’. I’d like to enlarge one element from this story, which is a competition between two street musicians to get a coin from a little girl.

The story began when the little girl wanted to throw the coin into the fountain. When one of the musicians saw the scene, he tried to attract the little girl to give the coin to him by playing his instruments. The little girl was so impressed with the music and she almost gave her coin to the musician. However, another musician also wanted the coin so he played his instrument and performed his music to the little girl. The little girl got confused which music was the best. Both musicians were competing to each other to show who was the best and tried to attract the little girl. The little girl was scared by their action and dropped her coin into the drain. She became so upset and asked for the replacement from the musicians but they did not want to responsible. The little girl became angry and took the violin from one of the musician. She played the violin and fortunately, she got a bag filled with a lot of coin.

From this story, we should work together because it will help us to complete the lack of ourselves. We also should not be greedy in order to get something or else we will lose it.


To Sweetpie,

Hi, how are you? I hope you are in pink health and so do I. Of course I remember you. Every time and every second, You’re the one I always thought of. I keep asking what are you doing right now, are you fine, are you happy and so on. I thought you have forgotten me, since you already got married with the other girl.

I always remember those sweet moments we went through together before. We went out and watched a romantic movie for our first date. Actually, you are my first love. I never had one before, trust me. Since I saw you that very first time, I felt like I want to marry you, seriously. I felt very nervous when I want to start befriend with you. I am afraid that you will reject me because I am not as pretty and gorgeous as you had expected.

Eventhough this is a long time story but still I want to tell you about this. I admitted I made a mistake when I left you after I promised to take care of you. I promised that I would not let anything bad happen to you but I was the one that broke my promise. I was the person that hurt you first. All of this happened because I believed the words of your friends that you actually just wanted to have fun with me and I should know who am I compared to you who have almost everything in the world. After I realized that I made a mistake, I tried to find you, asked for your forgiveness and I would like to reunite with you back. But I was too late. You already found your soul mate at that time. I was so sad when I saw you at your wedding. I wish the girl that stood beside you was me but never mind, I always wish you happiness with your wife, until I got your letter. I am the happiest girl in the world. I’m hoping that we have a happy ending.



The Moment ; Step Out for A Bright Future

I was still busy packing things up . Several big luggages already had been full with my needs later on. I was going to leave my home that day to start living a life as an university student at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. I had thought about it in my mind ; the fact that I would not be living at home when tomorrow’s sun rose. While busy handling all the stuffs , I did not really felt the emotion . It’s when I was about to step out of the house.

I had done everything and I went to my bedroom to make sure there was nothing left behind. When I was about to close the door, I had a final look at my bed , my furnitures and felt the comfortable warm atmosphere in my room. I walked down the stairs and look around my home ; knowing I would miss the things I usually did. Later on I could not enjoy all these luxuries anymore.

My sisters and brother hugged me and wished farewell. Suddenly I felt a flood of emotion in me. I saw each of their faces and realized that they would no longer had their big sister to hold the responsibility after them when I left . There would be no more jokes , fights and laughs from them that would make my days colourful. I would miss all of them badly.

My parents and I arrived at UTP which was about three hours drive from home. After I had done with the registration , briefing and such , the most heartbreaking part for me had finally arrived. I had to get through this; said goodbye to my beloved parents .

love letter reply ,

Dear you,

Firstly, I apologize for being missing for almost three decades. And yes, you’ve been right about the reason why I disappeared for so long. I know, whenever I am with you, we will be easily distracted by all of our relationship matters. At that time, I was only thinking about your happiness and your future, nothing else. But anything that involves us, I realized, wouldn’t contribute to your success. So, leaving you without notice seems the best option I had at that time. I’m sorry.

I am terribly sorry about your husband. Both of you should be happy and shouldn’t worry about anything as the two of you already had your second child. How unfortunate that he had been diagnosed with a tumour. From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry about your lost.

Ah, the Past. People come and go, but memories stay forever. How could I forget our first row? And all this times, you blamed yourself about that fight. It wasn’t your mistake, love. It’ll better if we say that it was both of our faults. And seeing you there, swallowing your pride, standing in front of me and saying that you’re sorry for that fight, it tore my heart. At that time, I couldn’t bear to watch your tears, and I couldn’t help but to hold you tight, comforting my dearest girl.

But that second fight, it was inevitable. We were young, filled you teen-rage and ruled by hormones. I was only trying to help you, but then you accused me of breaking your heart. After that day, you kept quiet and I knew that there’s nothing left for me from you. So I left.

When I heard about your wedding, I felt a small twinge of sadness. After all, you were my first love and I still stupidly think that you still love me. How foolish I was. But my priority was your success and your happiness. And nothing makes me happy that to see you happy.

But there’s a thing that you got it wrong. I am a married man. I met the woman of my life when I went to London to further my studies. We never tell even our friends about our relationship. It was kept secret for 5 years before I proposed her. And just for your information, I proposed her after I knew that you were wedded to your late husband. All these times, I was thinking solely about your happiness and since you’ve been declared as his wife, I started to think about mine.

I am sorry that I could fulfil your dreams and hopes. But I am perfectly sure that we could remain as friends. I will always be there for you, as a friend. And don’t you ever forget about our rainbow, okay?


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

that moment ,

She buried her face on my chest, crying. It was a gesture of sadness. She hugged me, never wanting to let me go. I hugged her back, resting my chin on top of her head. I gripped her hand tightly, giving her sense of security. But even though she was sobbing, our dance didn’t falter. Our steps were perfect, just like our first dance together during the Yule Ball held in our high school. We were just finishing a surprise picnic dinner I’ve planned for her and we were now dancing together under her favourite tree near my home.

As I listened to the melody that was being aired through the small radio under the tree, I realized that this particular song was the first song played during the Yule Ball and the first song we danced together with and since then , it had been my favourite song. Funnily, I could remember how I gather all my confidence I possibly had just to try to ask her to accompany me to the Ball. I had a crush on her since I first set my eyes on her on our first year. She was a brilliant student, never failed to pass any exam with distinction. Maths was my worst subject ever. But ever since I had my Maths class, immediately it became my best subject.

I have my own insecurities, however. I was the school’s greatest prankster, along with my twin brother. Not a single soul I our school dares to cross our path. Of course, we excel; we were brilliant too. But people tend to remember our mischief more than our achievement. And that was when I felt that I could never match her standards, assuming that she only wants a man who is better than her academically.

I chuckled and sighed. Our feet move in synchronization, never a step out of line. She heard me and looked up, straight into my eyes. Her eyes were shining with tears, but after looking beyond those tears, I could see that her mind flown to our past too. It’s funny when after that Ball, she was eager to look forward to another date with me. It turned out that she too was having a crush on me. But she assumed that I only dated tall athletic girls, the opposite of her, being a bookworm and a know-it-all girl.

As she looked up, I twirled and spun her, matching the rhythm of the song entitled Magic Works, our favourite song. I tried to push away all my sadness as the song progressed. The world now is under the ministration of an evil leader who seized the Ministry two months ago. 16 years ago, he once ruled the country, killing people and torturing the innocents. But when he tried to kill a pair of twins, somehow he met his downfall. Nobody knew what really happen but he lost all his powers and disappeared. Those twins, who were in fact me and my brother, were hailed as the saviour of our world. But now he’s back, ruling the nation with cruelty. Citizens live in fear and to seek revenge, I and my twin brother were wanted by him. I had to leave everything behind: my life, my family, my friends and my girl to keep them save, while my brother and I had to seek ways to bring the merciless leader down. Like it or not, we are forced to do that, and she knew that it was the only way my brother and I could bring peace to our world once again.

This was going to be our last dance, not knowing when we will be seeing each other after this. I never wanted to leave her here all alone with my family, but God knows what my twin and I will have to face during our journey. By making her follow us, I had her exposed to another set of danger, possibly more peril than what she was supposed to go through. As the song ended, I couldn’t help my eyes to secrete a single lone tear. She was my everything, and leaving her without me was the worst decision ever I had to make. I bent down to her face, kissed all the streaks of tears on her cheeks before my lips settled on her forehead. She was no longer crying, but I knew that we were approaching our separation moment. I whispered, “Believe that magic works, and don’t let this moment slip away,” before untangle myself from her embrace before I walk away from her.

I couldn’t look back, it hurts too much and I couldn’t see her face full with pain. When I arrived to the spot where I was supposed to meet my brother not far from her, I saw that he was already there, with sadness spread all over his facial features as he too was saying goodbye to his fiancée. He smiled and grabbed my hand. I spun on the spot, and just before I disappear, I heard her heartbreaking sobs.

That moment , was the worst one in my life.
love letter


Dear ezzat,
I’m fine. Thanks you for your concerned for asking me that question. It’s true that we haven’t see since our last day at primary school. Or should I repeat it again “PRIMARY SCHOOL”. We were in child age during that time. Even you not matured enough to understand the meaning of love. Except for me, Im girl and reach puberty at the age. Even I have reached puberty at that time. I still could not understand what is actually loved. Do we really need love? Yes I am a psychiatric. But who said to you that I was single? At the time I’m futher my studied at Munich. I founded my true love, Haiqal. We have wonderful time together till now. For your information, he stills my husband and we have three kids. Congratulation to you because now you are well successful geoscientist.
Dear ezzat,
Yes I still remembered the hut. The placed that we used to spend time together after recess. It was  so sweet at that time. We were playing games, doing homework and we understand what is actually friendship meant. Me also miss that moment. If I have I change to rewind back to the time. honestly  I will be the happiest person in this world.
I moved to Sydney because my parents have to work there. We can only plan but God will do the rest. It is fate. Our fate was not being together. We have different world and thinking. It is for you if you control your feelings. I know that you are nice person. We deserve better.
All the flying colour result that you get was not because of me. The one that bring success was you. Think positive. Your mom done a good decision because married your with Shera. It was your fate. Shera is your true love. God will not do bad thing to human. It is destiny to guide her. Love her. I’m also a woman. I understand well what her feeling. Actually she wants to test you. Whether you love her or not. How come you said that she find her true love now? 35 years she stand  by your side. You need to forget me. Stop hoping that I will become your wife. Shera is your wife.
I’m so sorry. I’m not your wife to be. You need to realize that. You need to give your love to Shera. She really love you. She love you more that herself. She’s no with me. At my home. We were plan this so that your will realize. Stop dreaming. Wake up! It is your responsible to guide and love her. I hope that we still can be friend. :D
Your true friend,

a vegan recipe ,


You don't need eggs to make a thick creamy, old fashioned coconut pudding. This vegan coconut pudding recipe is super sweet, so serve up small portion sizes! Made from coconut milk, sugar and vanilla, this is a simple and easy coconut pudding dessert to try. Enjoy!

Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

1 1/2 cups coconut milk
2/3 cup powdered sugar
1/3 cup corn starch
1 tsp vanilla
cinnamon and fruit for garnish (optional)

In a small sauce pan over medium-low heat, combine all ingredients, stirring almost constantly. If you don't keep on stirring, the mixture will turn clumpy, but you want it to be smooth and creammy.
After 6-8 minutes, mixture should start to get slightly thick. Once it is thick and you have gotten rid of any clumps by stirring, pour into serving bowls or cups and chill in the refrigerator for at least one hour. Pudding will set in fridge.

Garnish with fruit or a sprinkle of cinnamon if desired, and enjoy!

Task - One Man Band (PIXAR)

The story begins with a man, named Bass, playing multiple brass instruments, and tries to get a little girl to tip him a coin, but soon meets another musician, named Treble with orchestral instruments. They both instantly become rivals and fight over the girl's coin until she accidentally drops the coin, which falls into a drain. The girl starts to cry and is then angered by the two musicians causing her to lose it, and demands the two one-man-bands for a replacement coin, but they reveal that they are poor and broke. She takes one of the violins from the orchestra one-man-band, re-tuned it, and played an unexpected tune. A rich man, pleased by her performance, gives her a big bag of coins, and the girl eagerly picks it up. Before leaving, she takes two coins for the one-man-bands and tosses them into the top of a fountain, where she was originally going to put her coin in for a wish.

The main theme in the story is greed. Both the musicians wanted the coin from the little girl. They started to compete in a one-on-one competition to see who is the better musician and deserves the coin more. In the end, both of them got nothing. At first, both of them did not want to co-operate with each other, but in the end they had to work together to get the 2 coins at the top of the fountain. It is a truly meaningful short animation by PIXAR.

the recipe i like the most

Firstly, soak 2 cups of wood chips (500ml) in water for 1 hour. Drain chips and mix with 1 cup of the dry chips (250ml). On a large piece of aluminium foil place the chips and wrap up to form a secure but loose package. Using a fork poke holes threw the aluminium foil, this will allow smoke to escape.

Then, remove the skin from outer backside of ribs using kitchen pliers.

In a spice grinder, grind the chilli flakes, chilli seeds, cumin and peppercorns. Add the salt and sugar. Rub the ingredients into the flesh of the lamb tearing the micro fibres of the flesh as you rub.

Secondly, prepare barbeque for smoking with indirect heat. Remove the grill rack from one side of the barbeque. Place smoke pouch in and turn the heat to high. Close the lid of the barbeque.

Once the cavity of the bbq is full of smoke place your ribs on the grill rack without direct heat. Reduce heat to 220°F/104°C or low temperature and close lid. Smoke ribs for 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes remove smoke pouch.

Wrap ribs in foil and return to barbeque. Continue to cook for 2 hours or until meat is almost falling off the bone.

Next, prepare barbeque sauce. In a large sauté pan add olive oil, garlic, onions and peppers cook until slightly translucent. Add the brown sugar, red wine vinegar and tomatoes. Simmer for 15 minutes.

Remove from heat add the cilantro salt and pepper to taste and chillies if desired.

When ribs are tender remove from heat and baste with sauce.

Cover with foil and let rest 10 minutes before carving.

Lastly, serve it while it hot and enjoy.

the moral values from the one man band

Base on the short story One Man Band published by Pixar there are some moral values we can learn first we should be so greedy. From the short clip we can see that the two musician fight each other to get the money eventhough they know that the small want to make a wish with that money. Next, we should not give up easily. We can see from the two musician that they not give up easily and compete each other to get that money. Lastly, we should not look down to the one who is smaller than us. We cam prove from the short clip when the small girl loose her money she take the violin and play with it. She played very well and she easily get the money from the other people not like the two musician they have more experience than the kid but they can’t get a money even a single penny.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

about myself

I love to be myself. I am a well rounded boy. I can play sports and my favourite is rugby. I also represent my pevious school team.

Other than that,I am great in mathematics and chemistry subject. I always got high score for the subject. I always got an awards from the Principle and my dad.

After SPM I would like to continue my study at the UTP and now I’m in that university . I get the Petroleum Geoscience course and I love that course.

I had a big family and I have four siblings including me ang my siblings are all guys. I am the third child in that family. My older brother is an engineer and second is a doctor. My eldest brother still studying at MRSM Transkrian and also my previous school.

I also have a great father name Md Nor B Abu Bakar. He is a diplomatic officer. The most important person in my life is my mother Fatimah Bt Che Nik. She is a fulltime housewife and I really respect her because she the only woman in that house but she can take care all the guys in that house .

Talking about my family I forgot to tell my name. my name is Mohamad Hanif B Md Nor. I am the one who is the third child in my family and now I am 18 years old. My birthday is on 18 January.

For the future I hope one day I could be a nice person to my parent and help them in the future and I would like to be the greatest geologist ever.

love letter

Hello dear,

You know not what all I can truly promise you. I love you like no other woman on earth. I have given you my soul and my life. I wish you could hear my heart beats and understand what they say and mean.

I have always been a reserved man in life and I have never opened up to anybody. Maybe that is the reason I am not able to exactly speak what I mean. But still I am making an effort in this direction. Let me connect a few words and give it a try. I know you are there to listen on the other end and my voice too means symphony to you.

In this particular aspect I speak with my heart and not my mind. I just want you to be my wife and it indeed means a lot more to me. And with these few words I have tried to say a lot and I actually mean it too.

I want you to hear me, listen me, be with me, always. I cannot imagine a single day without your presence. Deep is my love, like deep is a rose red. I have it in my blood to love you.

I give my soul to you and I know you too will preserve it with great care forever in life. I just want to walk with you on all the untrodden paths of life just by holding your hand tight in mine.

I have always been a poet and you are my poetry. There are several lines which I can write diving into the ocean of love and beauty. I just see a paradise around me and your presence has made a heaven of earth. I can keep writing on and on about my feelings for you and how true they are.

You are the melody of my life. I love to stare in your blue golden eyes which always hold me back. You are my first and last choice of life. I love to hold your gentle hands and keep watching you for hours together while you smile. Your happiness takes away all agony of my life and just reminds me about the happiness and good times.

Physical distance can never separate us. Though we are not close enough, I always feel your presence and I know even you do.

There is a lot more to say and my talks will never end. Just love you sweet heart.

Your love,


Reply of a Love Letter - Lost Love

Dear Stan,

My life has been great these past few years. I learned a lot in life after things happened in life. It changed me a lot. Yes, I have indeed returned to Malaysia. It is my first return after a long study in the United States. I finally came back to look for a job that suits my career, and hopefully I will get a job that I have always dreamed of getting. Please don’t be sorry for Jacob, he has been drinking a lot ever since he got fired from his job as a CEO of the company. He changed a lot ever since, and one day he met with an accident. It was truly a tragic loss. I cried the first time I heard the news from his sister. I couldn’t do anything because I was still studying in the United States and also because we are so far apart. It was his fate to leave, and now he is living a happy life in the afterworld.

Dear Stan,

I remember clearly what happened on the top of Burj Tower during my 25th Birthday. It was a scene that I will never forget in my life. You were as sweet as a pumpkin when you sang the song “Love Letter”. It was my favourite song and my teardrops fell as you sang it till the very end. I remember you even included the words “I Love You” after the song ended. It was truly romantic as if it came out from a romance movie scene.nThat night was also the eve of my departure to the United States to further my studies. You knelt down and asked me if I could be your girlfriend. I was confused that night because I had to choose between you and my studies in the United States. I did not know what to do, so I gave you a shocking answer. I am truly sorry to have broken your heart the night you proposed to me. Please forgive me.

Dear Stan,

Even though I denied your proposal that night, I still couldn’t get past the fact that I still love you more than I loved Jacob. Truth is, Jacob never spent quality-loving time with me ever since we got married. He never remembered the anniversary of our wedding until I reminded him about it. He was a big mistake. He was never as sweet as you and never as loving as you. I remember the first day we started dating, you did everything for me, remembered my birthday, cheered me up when I was down, and gave me courage to face life and much more. I miss that loving and caring self of yours. Even how hard I try to forget you, I can never get you off my head. You were the one meant for me from the very beginning.

Dear Stan,

I know this is kind of shocking, and probably a letter that you would never expect to be. And here, I would like to say a few words. I LOVE YOU STAN! I will marry you and be with you for the rest of my life. Don’t you ever dare to leave me alright? Will you be the one and only for me?


a letter with love

Dear beloved,

Hi there! it has been some time since we last met. Do you still remember where we met? I certainly do. We met actually by coincidence in a cafe not far from our university. You accidentally spill some ice lemon tea on me remember? that was first time i actually felt your soft and smooth skin. You were wearing perfume from 'lust'. The moment you looked into my eyes, my hearth melted like ice in hot water.

Since then, we met almost everyday . You fill my life with joy. Everyday i wake up i looking forward for to your beautiful face and everything. You have eyes of Kim Kardasnian, nose of Celine Dion, lips of Angelia Jolie and body as hot as Beyonce.You were a dream come true. I pray to god everyday to thank him how lucky I was to meet with such a girl and that girl was you.

 I remember our first date, It was like a roller costerof feelings inside of me. For the first time, actually i felt my hearth was jumping out to somebody. It was trumping like mad. I couldn't resist you. You was like the cinderella in my fairy tale, I felt i was dreaming but i wasn't.
After all this days i still have the same feelings I had 20 years ago. It still burning inside me. If you hadn't migrated to Australia, we would have been together forever and ever. So i am still searching for you. I will still love even if you have changed in size bedridden or whatsoever. I will always love you. That was our first song together and this will be my last word in my letter. I will always love you' It's goodbye for now my love. But my hearth will be always with you. i love you.

your beloved.

One Man Band

Based on the short story One Man Band by Pixar, there is a greedy as a theme in here. This showed by two musical men that wanted to win over the girl. The first one is a fat man playing saxophone near the fountain and the other man is playing violin. Both of them are compete each other just to win over the girl and get a coin from her. Unexpectedly, the coin given by the girl is dropped into a drained. Then, she asking to play the instrument from them. As she started to play, the two men are shocked after heard the beautiful melody from her and as better than they are. After all, she got a full bag with gold of coin. The two men are expected they are given the coin but there was just a dream. The girl then threw two coins into the fountain as she wanted to do earlier and she walked away happily across the street. Thus, we learnt that the greedy is useless and at the end we got nothing other than regret.


The short movie was basically about two men trying to win each other. The theme of this short movie is greedy.

At first there was a fat man playing saxophone. He was playing across the road near the fountain. Suddenly he saw a little girl walking along the street. Then he was playing the saxophone loudly to win over the little girl. He was hoping the little girl would give him a coin. The girl was loving the sound of the saxophone and she followed the sound of it. She then quickly go to the fat man and listened to the music. Not long after that, there was a thin man playing a violin. He was trying so hard to beat the sound of the saxophone. The little girl moved to the thin man. Both of them was compete each other to get the coin. At the end, nobody didn’t get the coin because the coin fell into the drain due to their greediness.

One-man band summary

Based on the short story, "One man band" by Pixar, we had watched during the lecture class. The summary of the story was like this. There are three important characters in this movie, a little girl and two musicians, each played their own role. The major thing that both of the musicians tried to get is the coin. The short story shows that both of the musicians are greedy and both of them did not want to working together as a team. Both of them fought in order to win the little girl’s attention and wanted to get the coin. But at the end, the coin was dropped into the sewer. Both of the musicians didn’t get the coin and the little girl herself played the violin and she got lots of coins. She refused to give the coin to both of the musicians as they are greedy. Thus, we learnt that people must work together and don’t become greedy. Learn to be working together and have the team spirit.


My phone number is 0172516125. I think no one in this world has this phone number except me. I was born at Klinik Samuel, Kuala Lumpur and my date of birth is 9th July 1993. I'm the first from my five siblings. Being the first son is very hard. I have to carry a big responsibility of my family.

About my educational background. I begin to get knowledge at Rose Kindergarden which is near my house. Then ,when I am in Standard One , I studied at Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Seri Rampai which is my first school and then moved to Sekolah Kebangsaan Desa Pandan when i was i standard 2. When I was in Form 1, I got offered to studied at Sekolah Menengah Sains Kuala Selangor until form 5. It is one of the very good boarding school in Malaysia. And now as you know, I study at University Technology Petronas which is a top university in Malaysia.

During my free time, I like to play basketball and watching basketball games. I was once a representative for my basketball school team when I was in form 4 and form 5. My ambition is to be a great man in oil and gas industry .The reason that why I choose this because, it's income was really really good and as you all know that nowdays, everything needs money. So I need money to survive in this era especially when I am the first son in the family. I have to take care of my parents on day and also my brothers and sisters. That's all about me that i can tell all of you.


Lost In A Day

Have you had a day that you lost your love one? I was very sure that you were cried all over the day, right? So do I. It happened to me about 3 years ago when I celebrated Merdeka Day with my family. Actually it was my beloved cat that I lost. This story shows that we must really care about out beloved before they leave us.

My beloved hamster was my first pet. I raised it when it still young since it had no mother anymore. It’s mother had died in an accident. At first my parent did not allow me to keep it. But I insisted to raise it so I just kept it in a box and put in the store

My day after that became more cheerful and happy ever after. I fed, showered, and took my hamster to the park every evening. When I went back from school it would greet me with it’s naughty tricks. When I watched the television, it would jump, sit or sleep and watch it with me. I created my happy moment with it. My parent also seemed can accept my hamster and their day became more cheerful after that. When I did not see it for one day, my day after that will become dull.

After a few months, my hamster grew older. It made me felt bored with it. Its tricks no longer essential for me. I skipped giving its meals and no longer bathed it .Then my brothers and sister came back for celebrating Merdeka Day with us. I felt very happy that day until I forgot about my hamster for a while. After the day only I remembered about it. I called it for its breakfast but it did not show itself. I had no worries at all at that time because I thought maybe it went for a walk. But the day after that I felt uncomfortable. I went to find it. I was scared that I will loss it. And that’s true, I lost it forever. I was very sad, cried all over the day. I felt so regret because I did not care about it. I still remembered its face and I had its photo when we was so intimae

. Thus before we regret of what we done before to our beloved one we should care about it. Now I have two hamsters and their kittens. I hope I can treat them better because I do not want my history repeat even though they are not same with my first hamster

One Man Band

Mr.Razol,our lecturer,had showed us the short film, ONE MAN BAND .! From my point of view, although this film was about 10 minutes, it do carry a lot of meaning to me. Let me brief a little bit about this film. There was a little girl,who wanted to throw a coin into the fountain. All of a sudden,she heard a sound and it was from a musician who was equipped with musical instrument. He play the musical instrument very well and tends to attract the little girl so that she will donate the coin to him. When she was about to donate the money to him, she heard another sound.It was from another musician who was playing the musical instrument violin. Both of the musicians tend to attract the girl, so that they can have the coin form the girl. So, both of them tried to compete each other and started to play their musical instrument well. Suddenly,the coin accidentally fell from the little girl's hand and went into drainage. With full of anger, she asked a violin from the second musician for replacement. Both of the musician started to close their ears as she started to play the violin. Both of them was so shocked as the little girl played the instrument so well and as better then them. And all of a sudden, she got a bag of coins. The musicians expected that she will donate a coin to each of them, but what happened at the end of this film was, she threw 2 coins into the fountain as what she wanted to do earlier.

The moral values that I have learnt from this film was, we should not be greedy for money.In my life, from the people around me, I have seen and learned that greed can really cause a lot of misery and ‘injuries’ to our life and those people living with us. Because of love of money and greed, many people are not satisfy with what they earn and what they have. They want more and more wealth, to be rich, to be millionaires, billionaires as soon as possible. The result of many people are debts, bankruptcies and broken families. Others include theft, suicide and so on. We should be content with what we have. No doubt money is necessary for daily survival, there is no need to be greedy.

Secondly, what I would like to convey is, we should not be jealous with each other. Jealousy has always been one of the meanest quality of mankind. What is worse is that, it is almost inevitable. In one way or another, jealousy enters our lives, naturally and sometimes unconsciously, creating suffering for ourselves and others. As events from history and daily life have shown, human’s failure to stay away from this instinct has led to ruined relationships, suffering for everyone involved, and even demoralization.

In a nutshell, in order to live a peace and a happy life, we should not be jealous with each other and should not be greedy. Elimination of these two attitudes in a man's life, will lead you to be more successful and happy as what happened to the little girl at the end of this film

Reply A Love Letter

Dear Mr. X,

I received your letter two days ago. My heart was beating up faster and faster as I went through each word in the letter. I do not expect to hear anything from you after a long time and I never expect to get to know that you still have a feeling to me.

How do you know that my husband ran away with my children ? Anyway, thanks for the concern, but for your information, i'm not alone anymore, so I don't need your help. Erm, I heard about your wife death. I'm just wondering, why it is so weird ? Died because of the tiles that she choked ? What tiles ? Is it the scrabble tiles ? I think your lying to me. You always lied to me before.

Dear Mr. X,

Actually for your information, I already erase our memory about what we had been through since you lied to me. I'm very stupid at that time because I had been seduced by you with the stupid Westlife lyrics. Luckily that time, I was still fresh and did not know anything about love. So, it's acceptable. and as I said before, I already forget about the "precious moment" of yours and I meant it.

Dear Mr. Whatever,

Actually, i don't have any intention to write to you. I just think that maybe you should know the truth of what happen all this time. You know why i ran away from you ? It is because you are a fat ass liar !! You lied to me during our ridicilous relationship. All the promise that you made under the tree, near the lake and witness by the moon, I think it was all just a sweet talk of yours. You want to marry me ? If you do, why did you go out and flirting other girl. It's not just one girl, but many of them. I think they also have the same feeling as I am.

Lastly, I don't care if you have a heart disease, high blood pressure or what so ever. I think, all the disease that you have was punishment for you playing and taking advantage to all the girls. Oh yeah, I don't care if you died. I think it is really good because if you died, no more girls or women will be your victim for your statisfaction. What I really care is, I don't want you to disturb me with my new life. So, now you know the answer for your question. The answer is NO ! I WILL NOT MARRY YOU ! YOU JUST GET OUT FROM MY LIFE ! BYE !

Vegan Recipe: Banana Fritters with Vegan Ice cream

Malaysians are all too familiar with banana fritters. They are everywhere. On the streets, in food courts, and in office pantries. They are the national favourites. This ubiquitous dish can be easily made. So for this article I will teach you how to make a vegan banana fritters for all the veggies out there to enjoy.

Step one to making your own delicious, crunchy banana fritters is by preparing the ingredients. All that you will ever need are bananas, make it 4 big bananas, 4Oz of self-raising flour, I teaspoon of soya flour and also one quarter of pint water. You could also add in salt and sugar as seasonings. All of these ingredients are easily available at your local whole food shop.

Now, the second step is making it! Start off by making a thick batter by mixing the flours, water and a pinch of salt together. But for the vegans out there who are on a really strict diet, you surely can skip adding the salts. Then, slice the bananas. If you want the bananas to be crispy, slice it thinner. But if you are not the type that likes crunchy foods, you can always slice it thicker. Then, put the sliced bananas into a bowl with the mixture and gently stir until they are all covered in batter.

For the frying part, make sure you heat a frying pan at first. Then pour in the oil. You can use the virgin olive oil as a healthier version of the normal cooking oils. Wait until the oil comes to a boil. Next, deep fry the bananas in batches for 3 minutes until they are golden brown. When they are ready, take them out and drain all the cooking oil. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of sugar.

After all of that is done, the banana fritters are ready to be served. My suggestion for serving is to serve it with big dollops of vegan ice cream, preferably Vanilla flavour as it tastes best with crunchy foods. And if you are a fan of chocolate syrup, like yours truly, have fun sprinkling it all over the dish. I guess that’s all that you have to do to enjoy this Malaysian delicacy. Have fun making it. By the way, don’t burn your mouth on the banana fritters as it gets very hot!

About Myself - The life I experienced

Inspired by a Formula One driver, I was given the name Nigel, by my mother. I am the eldest among my three siblings, and the first to enter a university for studies. I am currently pursuing my studies in one of the best universities in Malaysia. This university has been my choice of university since it offers a wide range of courses available for the students. Being in an Engineering university has made me more alert on wat to expect in the future.

Being the eldest, my parents expect a lot from me and hope that I would be a good living example to my siblings. The background that I come from is just average, where both my parents work to support the family with finance. As the eldest, I work more around the house and helping my parents with their job as they are sort of busy depending on what they are doing for the week.

As a sport enthusiast, I have been into football and badminton lately, but the main sport I play is bowling. I took part once in a bowling competition when I was at the age of 11 and surprisingly got third during the competition. Ever since I entered secondary school, I had to stop bowling because of the amount of work I had to encounter. However, I still play bowling during my leisure time, as it will always be the main reason why sport is so much fun.

I discovered that photography is the best hobby that I can do whenever I feel stressed out or need for beautiful, peaceful and calming scenery photos. It calms my mind just looking at the photos that I spend so much time and work on. I love gadgets and technologies a lot, which explains why photography is one of my hobbies.

Being a person who loves gadgets and enjoys sports, I am looking forward to joining a few clubs of my interest here in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS and hopefully succeed with it. I am grateful that the university accepted me to be a part of them and I promised myself that I would excel n every aspect possible and make the best out of myself.

One Man Band - Themes

Based on the entertaining short story, “One-man Band” by Pixar, there were a few themes that really stood out during the entire running time. The first theme for the short story is competition. The two musician competed with each other in order to get a girl donate the coin to them. But things went awry as the once a healthy competition took a turn for the worst. An ugly fight between them ensues. They competed by playing their instruments, which I might say was pretty good. They even tried to take down each other all the while. The second theme is revenge. After all the fight between the two musicians, the girl’s coin fell into a drain. It was a sad moment at first. But then, the little girl started to plot her revenge. She asked a violin from one of the musician as none of them had a penny on them. Then she started playing that instrument. At first both of the musician laughed at the poor young girl as her skills were kind of rusty. But after some minor adjustment to the violin, she started to play. Both of the musician’s jaws dropped as the little girl played beautifully. After a few moments, a passerby dropped a sachet of gold coins. The little girl and also the two musicians were in awe. But then the little girl picked up the sachet and opened it. Inside, there were full of gold coins. As an act of revenge, the little girl took out two coins. The musicians thought that the girl was going to give each of them a coin. But they were in for a shock when the coins that they thought would be theirs were thrown inside the fountain. Both the musicians were in despair while the little girl happily walked away with the bag-full of gold coins.

Love Letter - To My First Love

Dear my first love,

Wow, it has been a while since we last met. I am grateful that you still remember me. Today I feel great as I have never expected to receive any news let alone a two-page letter from you. I have been doing well. How about you? My profession as a doctor has never made me any happier. I guess my dream of helping others really did come true.

I don’t remember you mentioning anything about a pet shop to me. But I’m glad that you have found something to keep your mind off of me.

Dear my first love,

I have never planned to marry another other than you. Our love was the thing that kept me going 15 years ago. But then after I got back from London, my parents told me that they have arranged a marriage for me. I was totally shocked at first. But as I loved my parents too much, I can’t do anything other than follow their dreams of me marrying a man of their choice. I was hesitant at first. I wouldn’t lie. I did expect a proposal from you once I got back from London but you did nothing. So I thought that you were not that serious with me. That’s why I decided to marry Muhammad, the man my parents has chosen for me.

At first, I regretted the marriage so much. But as days went by, I started to fall in love. Muhammad did all the sweet things that you have done for me. I got to admit that he reminds me of you at first. But as time goes by, I learned to love him as he is. Sure he got flaws but that was what made me fell hard for him.

Dear my first love,

I didn’t even know that you were on my Facebook friends list. If I would have known, I’ll surely chat with you. But it makes me wonder. Why couldn’t you just muster the courage to talk to me? That is so not you. You used to be the one who would always be happy and cheery. You were the one who would always say hi to people first. And you were the one who initiated a conversation with me when we first met. I guess as time flies by, people do change.

Dear my first love,

I have always had feelings for you. But that was until I met my husband. You have to understand that he was my soul mate and there will never be another. My heart was shattered to a thousand pieces when you did nothing about us back then. And it shattered again when the news of my husband’s death was made known to me. I don’t think I can bear another heartbreak as I am afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle it. And also I have kids to take care of. I even barely made it through a day after my husband’s death.

But, if you are willing to be my friend, I would gladly open my arms wide for you. After all, it’s been a while since we last talked. I would love to hear that you would still want to be my friend. I guess that’s all for now. I would love to hear from you back.

Yours truly,


Monday, August 22, 2011

One Man Band

Based on the short movie 'One Man Band' produced by Pixar Pictures, there are three characters in this short movie that I can identify. The main character is a girl that is wearing a purple hood and two musicians. The setting of this short story is set in a plaza in Medieval Times. The theme I studied in this short story is revegne. As the evidence, when both musicians fought to gain attention from the little girl, the girl got confused to which musicians she should give the coin. Eventually, the coin fell down into the drain. She was supposed to make a wish but because of the musicians, she lost her precious coin. Then, she reclaimed back her coin from the musicians but neither both of them have one. However, she wanted the one of the violins owned by the second musician as a compensation. She didn't satisfied with the two musicians as her coin fell down into the drain for nothing and because of that she was seeking for a revenge.

One Man Band

Based on the short story, The One Man Band, the theme is clearly about competition in life. This is portrayed by the competiveness of two talented musicians. With all their might, they played different genres of music to defeat each other. Both them played their instruments boastfully to see who was better and who would get the penny from a little girl. A very tight competition was shown in this story. Besides that, revenge is also portrayed as a theme in this story. It was shown by the little girl who was scared by two talented musicians. Both of them caused the poor girl's coin to fell into the drain. She was very unhappy and she sought for revenge. Those two musicians gave her a violin and she started playing it. When she played it well, an anonymous passer-by left a bag of coins for her. When both men ask for coins, the little girl teased them by offering a few coins but eventually threw those coins into a fountain and never gave them any. This show the little girl ahad her revenge.

A Letter To My First Crush

Dear Girl,

Oh my, it has been a long time since we last met. Yes, I am fine, thank you. It was surprising to receive a letter from you after all those years. I am glad to hear from a long lost friend. A lot has changed. High school memories? I can never forget them because it was the time of my life with you and friends I treasured.

Do you remember we started off as strangers? We played the ‘Question Game’ and got to know each other. That was the first piece of my memory of you. You were a fun and happy-go-lucky girl that I fell for. You always smiled whenever I cracked jokes to you, even those bad ones. It was your beautiful smile that enabled me to sleep well and get through those nights. There were more to that like our first date, first kiss, long talks every night. It was only your father in the way, or else I would be by your side now because you were my first crush. Letting you go was really hard, it left a scar in my heart.
As you know, life must go on. I am now married to an astonishing beautiful wife. I am blessed with two pretty girls. I promise God that my family’s health comes first, followed by happiness and finally financing. I am really grateful for what I have and I shall not ruin it.

So enough about my side, what about you? Do you remember your dreams and passions you once told me? You were very passionate to become an accountant. Not just any accountant of course, you wanted to be one of the top successful accountants in the world! I am confident that you can pursue it. Besides that have you found your other half, knight in shining armor? Family and children? I must say parenting is hard, but you should give it a try.

Let’s keep in touch. Call me up any time and we will chat over a meal or a cup of tea. There is so much to catch up with.

Yours sincerely,

Kai Sheng

Sunday, August 21, 2011

One Man Band

Based on the story, The One Man Band, the theme that the author was trying to show is about competition and revenge. The theme competition is portrayed by the two band players. Both them had a tight competition between both of them to attract the little girl who had a coin in the hand to give them the coin. The tried their best to play different genres of music to defeat the opponent and attract the little girl to give him the coin. A very tight competition was shown in this story. The theme revenge was also portrayed in  the story also. It was shown by the little girl. Both of the one man band causes the little girl's coin to fell in to the drain, she took the revenge when she get a big bag of coin. When both of the one man band ask for a coin, the little girls throws up the both of the coin to the top of the fountain. This show the revenge for the little girl. This prove that the theme of revenge is in the short story.

All about me.

The name is Muhamad Nabil. I am 18 years old. I studies at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. I was born at Ipoh, Perak. My ambition is to become the boss of the bosses in anything I would do in the future. Well, I believed my ambition is getting closer and closer to me now. So, currently I studies Foundation in Civil Engineering.

About my family, my father and mother are still healthy and I’m grateful for that. They both had retired and got pensions. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. My eldest sister Nor Aini is 28 years old, she currently works as an Assistant District Officer at Kerian and she lives at Nibong Tebal. My second sister Nor Faridah is 25 years old, she currently works as an engineer at Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) Nibong Tebal and lives with my eldest sister. My eldest brother Mohd Najib is 24 years old, he currently works as an engineer at Twin Tower PETRONAS, Kuala Lumpur and lives at Segamat, Kuala Lumpur. Lastly, my second brother Muhamad Farid, still waiting to go to the university after graduate Diploma at Politeknik Ungku Umar.

My hobby is to playing games in computer, like Role Playing Games (RPG) and Defense of the Ancients (DotA). Well, I’m good in playing DotA whoever needs a player to play DotA, please do invite me. My favorite drinks are any flavored milkshake, 7-eleven slurps and twinning’s earl grey tea. My favorite food is Special Katsu Don (search at Google). I play Tennis. I’ve been the Tennis Captain at my previous school. My favorite quotations “…What done is done…”. My favorite music band is PARAMORE. I like to watch How I Met Your Mother, Family Guy and Supernatural.

The story of my leadership skills, I had been in the school librarian for about 4 years, I started when I was 14 years old. The highest achievement I got is to become the deputy-president of Librarian Board. I also invented bookmark or my school sell for others school that comes to my school. Besides that, I had been the coordinator for Malay College Youth Development SUMMIT (MCYDS) which is a program for youth to meet and share different idea and opinion from their countries about leadership. There are 8 countries other than Malaysia that came to 2010 MCYDS that are Australia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Brunei and Filipina. As a coordinator, I organized their home stay activity at Bukit Gantang, Perak. I guess, that’s all I wanted to share about me to you all.

XX love letter.

Dear you know who,

It’s been too long, I’ve ever wrote a letter to you. But I must reply your last letter to make things more clear. I really adored your memories, that we spent time together like the first time I wrote a love letter to you and the days we spent together. The thing is, I never regret to fall in love with you but there are some reasons why I left you.

Dear you know who,

You heard about my wedding and my lover funeral? I am really depressing with my lover death. But, life must go on. I must show some respect to my lover death by not loving anyone till I forget about him. Well, the letter that you wrote before was like to be my next lover and I was totally disagreed. Have you ever remember the last time we spoke at our last dating together? I said ‘Always call me when you study at Japan’. Since then, you never called me or tried to contact me using email. Like I said before, life must go on.

Dear you know who,

The statement that you state in the previous letter, there’s some true and false in it. The first one, you said that I would be the most desperate woman in this world to lose my lover. That is so not true. I am a though-hearted woman and why should I be the most desperate woman in this world? I can still find my true love in this world maybe it will be hard. Next statement is, I was annoyed by your attitude. Well, it is true, that is one of the reasons why I dumped you. You always talk awkwardly and you always make me feeling incomplete. Remember the first time we going for a date, whenever I wanted to talk, you kept on annoy what I wanted to say and always talk about yourself. Third statement you said that I’m innocently introduced my lover to you and I’m selfish. Well, I don’t know whether it’s true or not. But the truth is, I really wanted you to change your attitude and be a person like my lover a true gentleman.

Dear you know who,

Yes you’re right, why I fly to UK. I wanted to recall back my precious memory with him, but that’s not all. I wanted to go there, because I hope to find another man that could replace my lover. The people at there are just nice. So, wish me luck to find my true love. By the way, sorry for your proposal to be my next lover, we just not meant to each other. Don’t wait for me if I would change my mind, because I won’t. Just go on find your true love, like I said before, life must go on.

Dear you know who,

I guess we had made things crystal clear. I am really sorry if I broke your heart. Good luck to enjoy your life and always think positive. J

Yours sincerely,


Saturday, August 20, 2011

mohammad syahmie bin mohd daud

Dear Girl,

Thanks for your letter before this and I am grateful to have a person like you that’s still updating about me until now. Oh ! By the way, my life is good with full interesting work that I have now as a pilot. But since we were separated 10 years ago, I am still alone and my heart had refused to have another love.

Even on the last day I met you, I felt as if I belonged to you long back. Hard to explain, but from that very moment I was fighting with a part of myself wanting to get close to you. The harder I was trying to stop thinking of you, the more you were pulling me closer to you. I did everything possible to keep myself far from your reach and to hide this inner struggle of mine. Any gesture of yours was penetrating my heart and I had to show that it was not. I felt your pale eyes were telling something to me beyond words. My brain says it is just a delusion where you meant to convey nothing. My heart says there is definitely something in your heart which is not letting go of me. I believe in the world of intuition and you believe in the world of logic. I have no tangible proof or logic to support what I feel about you. I whole heartedly accept the bitter truth that we met exactly in the wrong time. I also understand that we have nothing to give and take from each other, except unconditional love. I cherish every next moment I spent with you, every little gesture of yours and everything about you.

It's been quite a while since you have talked to me. I wonder how you are doing each and everyday. I wonder if you ever still think about how we used to be. You are probably thinking how pathetic it is that I am not over you and that I am too young to know what love is. You may be right on both of those things especially about your study. But let me tell you something. There is such thing as teenage love and that's what I am experiencing. I still love you even you have decided to end of this between us. I cried for months every night. It felt like I was living in pure hell. I have been having this ache in my heart ever since, it's gotten a little better, but I still love you. Not only does it hurt to know that I lost the one thing that meant the most to me, but I also lost my best friend, before we started dating we always talked on the phone on most nights.
I still think about you everyday, I love going to school just to see you. Seeing you makes my day. I wish you had not changed, I mean it's not like you changed for the worse. But it's not like you changed for the better either. No one truly understand the pain I have experienced. I still wear the beautiful butterfly necklace you bought me for my birthday. Even though I should hate you with all my heart, I can't. I cannot stand to be mad at you. I could never ever hate you. It irritates me because you are not the one suffering like I am.

All I think about sometimes is why. Why did this happen to me, why the hell am I suffering ? But you are not a bad person. You are always the most sweetest person I have ever met in my life. You are so kind and thoughtful. You are so different from all the other girls. I could not help falling for you. I know, I should be over you. I mean people tell me it is different because of how long you guys dated, but no one truly has the guts to tell me to get over it. But, honestly. I cannot get over you. I just can't. No one can compare to you. No one has ever gave me butterflies like you did.

I still love you, and probably always will. Please note that, I will always be here for you, I still care for you, and that you are better then what you have become. I just wish I could have gone back before everything ended.Not sure why I'm saying this as you would have moved on by now. I wish I was not as pathetic as I am today to be holding a flame for you after so long. Time usually heals all wounds right? Well I cease to believe that it happens with a broken heart. I am trying to move on but every day is a reminder of what I am missing out on by not being with you.It hurts and I do not know why? My heart battles with my head and I just do not understand why. I just wish that my heart would accept that it is over, that’s what my mind has done and my mind must be correct, right? Anyhow, my heart wants a moment of your time to say I miss and love you.

I love you. These are the words that I heard so much but still I am waiting for it from your lips. Wisper it and give me wings for flying. Yeah !Whisper it. I need it from your lips from your sweet lips tell me for becoming angel only your angel. And I am ready for a long time to get start our love again. Our dreams are becoming true lastly.

Friday, August 19, 2011

I am Kathrine

Dear old lover,
We has been apart for many years. Now I returned back to Malaysia from States as my husband had just passed away two months ago because of the heart disease he was suffering. I am still in grief this loss. I did have a good career when I was there but now I am back here as I think there was nothing left for me if I want to continue my life there. All my kids have grown up to be more successful than how I was so I am never worried about them. How about your wife and family? The last time we met, I think it was on your first son's birthday party. I can't even remember your wife's face. It was way too hard and painful to remember all those old things.

Once I received this letter from you, I had this kind of awkward feeling that came because I was surprised that you still remember me after you left me heart broken that one time. And now when I come back you started to use your old sweet words that used to melt me down, but not any more. I had realise that loving someone who doesn't love you is not worth it.

I don't think you should have to remind me all those memories during our college time. I never wanted to remember them any more. They once had been sweet moments to me, but I had forgotten them all. There is no reason to remember the past if it has nothing to do with your life now. I am happy with what I have now. Let the memories be good experience and lessons for both of us. You should be happy and thankful that you have had what you always wanted, and definitely not to be with me. That was what you chose and please never regret it. I accept the fate written for me and I know everything happens for a reason. And now I know why God made it that way. I met my other half and I was blessed with two pairs of twins. I love them so much. And there is no way to make us apart, even though my husband had left me, he is still alive as long as my heart is still beating. I love him as long as God allows me to. I hope we will still be together up there.

Last but not least, thanks for still remembering me, old friend. Pray for my happiness with my family. I also pray for your family. Appreciate them before it is too late. Never let them go. You as the husband and the father should take a good care of your whole family. Send my regards to them.

Yours sincerely,

To Hanif

Dear Mohamad Hanif Md Nor,

My life have been great so far. I am fine , thank you. Its been awhile since you've said hye to me. About my husband, yeah it's been a year now and I have covered myself from rehab due to depression. Thank you for the flowers that you have sent to me.

Hanif, the fight was nothing to me. It was in high school and all of us were very immatured that time.My family was another story. nobody could ever change the past. The main reason i broke up with you was because you slapped me. From that moment, I knew that you will never be my husband. But to be honest, i forgive you for your stupid action.

I appreciate that you've got the guts to write me a letter after what we have been through. It was a rough moments and somehow it taught me a lesson to become a better person. I owe you, Hanif. Yes, I do remember all our sweet moments together. It will never erased from my mind until now. I know it was a very long time ago when we first met at high school and we were a class mate. You taught me every subject especially Physics. It was a very sweet moments for me. And yes, every relationship have their ups and downs.

Hanif, that moments were very sweet but I've changed a lot this past years. I'm a single mother of 3 kids. There are so many things happening in my life right now. i could not think about my feelings and my kids are my priority right now. I have to find a job to support them. I still do have feelings for you but it's a matter of time. I have to think about my in laws feelings too. I hope that you could understand my situation.

The past is still past but we could never changed it. I still have feelings for you but I'm very happy right now with my new life that I'm going through. Let us be friends, shall we? Thank you.

Yours truly,


Bonjourrrr! Who does not know Paris? Paris is located in France. I shall say that Paris is one of the most beautiful and breath taking places that I have been to. Every cherish moment of it will be a memorable time for me.

It was still fresh in my mind it was on 8th of January that I stepped on a plane to go to London. I stayed at United Kingdom (UK) for 2 weeks to visit my sister. She studied in Middlesbrough which is 3 hours from London. But UK was another story. At first we did not plan to go to Paris, but at the end, my father decided to go to Paris at the very last minute since we were in Europe. So he bought train tickets for Eurostar. It only took 2 hours to reach Paris from London. It was an underground train which goes in a very high speed.

The journey on the train was quiet fun and I really enjoyed it. It was very jaw dropping to see the whole town of France. I would say the old village of France was exactly what I watched in movies such as The Italian Job, Pink Panther and Rush Hour 3. It was very old and vintage village. I slept after only 1 hour of sight seeing the other side of France since I was so exhausted exploring London. When we reached Paris, without further thinking, we took a cab and went straight to our hotel and got a good nap.

It was 5:30 a.m. and we quickly got ready to begin our Paris trip. My father decided to fit in the culture of France to have breakfast at a very vintage cafe down the street of France. There were thousands types of fresh bread. After breakfast, we went to the underground train ticket which is Metro Train. The first stop we made was of course, The Eiffel Tower. It was winter and I was freezing. The first time I saw the tower, I was stunned and I stopped breathing for a moment. I would never think that one day I would be in front of The Eiffel Tower. It was super high and it was nothing like you watched on television. It was way different than you think. Do you know that there are 734 stairs to get to the second floor of the tower? And yes, we did go to the second tower by stairs! Surprisingly, there was an ice skating ring in the middle of the Eiffel Tower. When we reached on top of the tower, I can see the whole town of real Paris! It was one of the most unforgettable moment ever when I was in Paris. Our next stop was Musee’ Rodin and Musee’ De L’Armee . It was the historical place of Paris. Basically in Musee’ De LArmee there was much famous sculpture. Rodin was one of the famous artist and he was the who created ‘The Thinker’.

The next day, we went to Charle’s De Goitle and it was one of the famous roundabouts in the world. It was so big and beautiful. The art in the roundabout was stunning and there were a lot of photographer that was so busy taking the antique design. Next we went to the Notre Dome. It was my first to went to the church and it got me jitters. My sisters were making noises while everybody was praying. It was so huge and the state of art was unbelievable. I looked at some people crying after getting out from the confession room. It was 100meter long to get to the alter where people get married. We had lunch at the only muslim restaurant that we could find in Paris. It as Turkish restaurant and I really enjoyed my lamb kebab. After taking some pictures, we were walking down the street of Paris, we decided to go to Musee De Lurve where they keep the original portrait of Mona Lisa. It was 8 pm and when we got there, the meseum was closed. My dad was frustrated because it was one of the main reasons why we came to Paris.

Spending a week in Paris, to be honest, it’s not good enough for me. There were so many things to explore and study the historical country. I hope that one day, when I get married, I will go to Paris for my honeymoon. For the next holiday, my dad plan to go to another seven wonders of the world which is The Great Wall of China which is in Beijing. I really enjoyed my Euro trip in Paris and it was the most unforgettable moments spending time with my family. :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Moment She Left

Have you ever lost a good friend of yours? Good bye is the most hardest thing to be said. Sometimes we are apart temporarily for a reason. But sometimes, the good bye is the last one and we will never have another chance to meet again, even awhile.

I had this one good friend, Meera. She is one year older than me. We shared many things together. I was close to her family, and so did her. As she was a bit older, she always gave me advices regarding studies and many else. But ever since she finished her school, we barely met. Only mobile and internet connected us. She was always concerned about my studies and my health. She was like a sister to me. I just couldn't imagine my life without her. But somehow one day, we became very busy until we didn't have time to reach each other. I understood her condition as she was at the university to continue her studies.

On my seventeenth birthday, when I was enjoying lunch with my family, I received a phone call from an unknown number. I just picked up without expecting anyone. I was kind of surprised when I know that it was her who called me. She wished my birthday and apologised me as she did not contact me for a long time. We had some chat and before we ended the call, she told me that she had something to tell me. I was like curious to know what was it about. She said that she was confirmed that she was suffering from a type of bone cancer, osteosarcoma during the medical check up made on the previous day. I did not believe her at first but she explained that there were active malignant cells in her left tibia, a bone at her leg. She needed to through an operation and twelve chemotherapies at University of Malaya Medical Centre. She also needed to stop her study in order to undergo the treatments. She never told me, and I was afraid to ask too, but people said that the cancer had reached the last level which was the most dangerous one.

Ever since she was in her treatment, we became close again. She told me stories everyday. She told about the handsome doctor who cared about her a lot. She told about the gifts people brought during visits. She told about a singer came to visit her and how excited she was. She told about how smooth her head was as she had to remove all her hair out to avoid hair falls, which was the side effect of the medication she took. I always prayed for her. She never whined about her pain. She seemed very unworried. One day when I was packing up my things up before going back to my campus, I received a phone call showing her number but when I picked up, it was Meera's father who was speaking. He told me that she had passed away that very morning. I was speechless. I ran to my mother to tell about this. She Asked me to patient and pray for her soul. We were not able to come to the funeral as I needed to go back to the university. I just prayed from far.

I have been missing her for a month. All the stories she told, the advices she gave and all the memories will remain in my heart. The moment I knew the sad news, I realised that this life is just a temporary gift from the only God, so we have to make use all the opportunities before it is too late.