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Thursday, August 25, 2011


In English lecture on Monday, I have watched a short animated film from Disney Pixar entitled ‘One Man Band’. I’d like to enlarge one element from this story, which is a competition between two street musicians to get a coin from a little girl.

The story began when the little girl wanted to throw the coin into the fountain. When one of the musicians saw the scene, he tried to attract the little girl to give the coin to him by playing his instruments. The little girl was so impressed with the music and she almost gave her coin to the musician. However, another musician also wanted the coin so he played his instrument and performed his music to the little girl. The little girl got confused which music was the best. Both musicians were competing to each other to show who was the best and tried to attract the little girl. The little girl was scared by their action and dropped her coin into the drain. She became so upset and asked for the replacement from the musicians but they did not want to responsible. The little girl became angry and took the violin from one of the musician. She played the violin and fortunately, she got a bag filled with a lot of coin.

From this story, we should work together because it will help us to complete the lack of ourselves. We also should not be greedy in order to get something or else we will lose it.

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