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Attention to everyone in this Tutorial Group 10. For the ease of everyone here and for easy access, I have put up links that link to the short stories that is required for our semester. Keys and Locks and Open Doors was deleted from the original website, but I found another website only in a different language, but the text is basically English. Have fun using the new feature!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


To Sweetpie,

Hi, how are you? I hope you are in pink health and so do I. Of course I remember you. Every time and every second, You’re the one I always thought of. I keep asking what are you doing right now, are you fine, are you happy and so on. I thought you have forgotten me, since you already got married with the other girl.

I always remember those sweet moments we went through together before. We went out and watched a romantic movie for our first date. Actually, you are my first love. I never had one before, trust me. Since I saw you that very first time, I felt like I want to marry you, seriously. I felt very nervous when I want to start befriend with you. I am afraid that you will reject me because I am not as pretty and gorgeous as you had expected.

Eventhough this is a long time story but still I want to tell you about this. I admitted I made a mistake when I left you after I promised to take care of you. I promised that I would not let anything bad happen to you but I was the one that broke my promise. I was the person that hurt you first. All of this happened because I believed the words of your friends that you actually just wanted to have fun with me and I should know who am I compared to you who have almost everything in the world. After I realized that I made a mistake, I tried to find you, asked for your forgiveness and I would like to reunite with you back. But I was too late. You already found your soul mate at that time. I was so sad when I saw you at your wedding. I wish the girl that stood beside you was me but never mind, I always wish you happiness with your wife, until I got your letter. I am the happiest girl in the world. I’m hoping that we have a happy ending.



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