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Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello Homosapiens !

On the 12th April 1993 in Kuala Lumpur, the daughter of A. Majid Ngah and Zaihana Abd. Hamid was born. That's me! Maizan Amani is the name given. I'm the eldest in my siblings. I live at Bandar Country Homes, Rawang, Selangor. I studied at Sek. Men. Sains Hulu Selangor (SEMASHUR) as my secondary school with Nurul Aida and Aida Khaleeda. We're in the same tutorial group too. Whata coincidence! I studied at SEMASHUR for five years. I managed to gain flying colors in my SPM results. On the 6th May 2011, I went for UTP May Intake Interview. I was so nervous at that time. I felt like having butterflies in my stomach. I really wanted to enroll to UTP because UTP is my first choice of university. From my research in the UTP main website, UTP can provide good facillities, accomondation and effective learning and teaching process. Thank God, I'm here!

That's is about my mission to enroll to UTP. I had forgotten to write about my family background. I came from a middle income family. I wasn't born with a silverspoon in my mouth. My father works as a manager at his own company. While I was waiting for my SPM result to come out, I worked with him as the cost accountant in his company. But I only managed to earn RM 400.00 for my salary. Well, I know I'm not an experience accountant. Huhu. My mother works with Sarawak SHELL BHD company.

I don't know what to write more. This is my first essay since I never wrote for about three months. I hope I can achieve my dream to be a successfull chemical engineer after my graduate.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Memorable Moment

Do you ever have a memorable moment? United States president have quoted that everyone in this world have their own memorable moment. Memorable moment is defined as an unforgettable event that happened in someone life. That moment could be a very important things or a happy or sad story for someone. I also have my own memorable moments and one of the moments is my first day in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS(UTP).

On 19th of May 2011, it was a day that has changed my life. It was my first day as a university student. Early in the morning, my parents and I leave our home to start our journey to UTP at 8 o’clock. We travelled by a car. We arrived at UTP after about 2 hours later. When we arrived, I have never thought that I would come here again .I was offered to further my studies in Petroleum Geosciences. There were a lot of people that I saw during that time.

After that, I entered the Chancellor Hall to settle my registration process. The process involved three counters, finance, registration and accommodation counters. It was very difficult process because I have to wait for an hour to settle all of the process. While waiting, I took that chance to greet my new friends. One of them is called Hazeet. He is a PETRONAS scholar’s student, just like me. He is a very nice person and I am very happy to know him.

My parents and I went to the hostel after the registration process ended. My room was at Village 2. My room was at the top floor and I found it was very tired for me to bring all of my stuff to my room. Suddenly, a cute senior approached me to offer me a hand to help me. His name is Bob. My roommate is Azammuddin and he is from Cheras. He also, just like Hazeet is a very nice person and at that time I was hoping that we can live happily during our studies at UTP.

In my opinion, UTP is the best choice for me to further my studies. For me, the first day at UTP is the most memorable moment in my life that I would never forget. I hope that I will survive here and learn to be an adult to achieve success in my studies.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


The name given for me by my parents is Nurul Aida. People around usually call me Aida. I was born on 31st of October 1993. It is Halloween Day. My friend once gave me a face-carved pumpkin on my birthday, and I kept the pumpkin for two days as it started to produce some kind of unpleasant smell. Back to topic, my home town is Banting, Selangor. When my friend asked about Banting, I would just say that this place has its delicious kerepek. They always laughed about Banting's kerepek until one day, there was a murder of a millionaire with some of her business partners. Since that, my place was famous in my school, just because of the murder case -_-

My parents are teachers. And I am their first child out of five. My friends said that I am lucky to have teachers at home, so I don't have to attend any tuition class. I do think I am lucky too as everyday I have to do lots of exercises. I went to Hulu Selangor Science School after I finished my primary school. In this boarding school, I learned a lot. I started to live independently without my parents looking after me. I grew up with my friends. They helped my in every single thing I did. On my studies, or even when I was facing problems. Alhamdulillah I managed to get 9As for my SPM. There were 7A+s and 2As. The both of As are Biology and History. I was not able to memorise too much things especially when they are about the past, about dead people, about the 'important' dates where the war began and whatever. Now I am at UTP under Petronas scholarship. My room mate here is Aida, too. She was my ex-schoolmate. We share many things together. I hope we can together obtain a good achievement here.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Moment : The Cause of Disobedience

It happens ten years ago when I was living at Indonesia. To be exact at Bogor , West Java. I was nine at that time. It was school holiday and I was playing outside without knowing what will happen to me next. From that moment I realised that I should never disobey my parents and life is unpredictable but miracle do happen.
It was a nice sunny day and I was playing games with my siblings. Then one of my friend called me to play outside. I knew that my mother won't allow me to play. So I sneaked out of the house and meet my friends. We played hide and seek and cycled around the housing area. Everything was fine and it seems nothing can go wrong at that time.
After a while we took a rest infront of my neighbour's house. We had a chat , until we heard the rumbling noise of a van engine. The van was speeding towards me. Before I could react , it hit me and I was stucked under it. I was draged for a few meters before the van stoped. The driver get out of the van and ran into his house. He didn't turn back too see what had happened.
My friends ran to my house and called my sister while some of the neighbours rushed out of their house to help me. They pulled me from under the van, I was awake but unconsious of the surroundings. My head was bleeding and my hairs were droping. My body was covered with blood. My sister carried me and brougth me into the house.
Luckily my father's friend was at our house during the incident. He rushed me to the hospital. I was immediately placed into the ICU. I woke up the next day, without knowing what had happened to me. I regret my decision to play outside with my friends without my mother's permission. It could have cost me my life. From that day on I have turn over a new leaf.

The most triumph moment ever

    Do you have triumph moment in your life? Human being will feel either triumph or disaster in life. Doesn’t matter if you feel either triumph or disaster, at last you will get the real success in your life. Pierre Corneille said that, “A victory without danger is a triumph without glory”. This is the story of triumph in my life. In 2010, I have take the SPM examination at Sekolah Menengah Sains Bagan Datoh. Luckily, I got 7A s in the examination and this is the first step to me for glorious in my life.
   During the moment when I want to take my result, there are so many feeling in my heart that I cannot describe in words. I looked at my parents, teacher and fiends. I feel that, if I got bad result in this examination, my parents, teachers, and friends will be disappointed to me. I will broke heart, their hope to look me success. The teacher smile at me and give the examination slip to me. At the moment when I looked at the slip, I feel disappointed because what I got was not what I want. Before the examination, I aimed to obtain straight 9A s in the examination. But, I only get 7 A s in the examination. I turn my face to look at my mother and gave the examination slip. My mother looked at the slip and she hugs me with full smile in her face. She was so happy and said thanks to me for make our family happy.
   When I reached at home, I immediately turn on the computer and internet and without further due. I tried to find what course that I fulfill the minimum requirement and which university or matriculation that I can apply. I also tried to fill online form for scholarship to try my luck maybe I can be accepted to get the scholarship. After I fill and apply those things. I went near to my father and asked what should I do now and do I need to apply anything else. My father then said “Do you apply for petronas scholarship and apply to enter University technology Petronas?”. At that time I realize that I forgot to apply for Petronas. I quickly ran to the computer and fill the online form at Universiti Teknologi Petronas website. Unfortunately, I cannot submit my online registration for scholarship because I do not fulfill the minimum requirement. I was so sad at that time.
    At night, I lay myself at the bed and thinking about the future. Suddenly, something came cross on my mind. “Dear my grandson, I wish that one from this family enter University Teknologi Petronas, one of your cousins have entered that university but I wish you can enter there too”. Tears drop on my face and I asking question to myself. Can I enter that university? I woke up from the bed and went to perform prayer. I was thinking, my grandfathers really love me so much. I want to repay his services that he gave to me. At that time, I was set in my mind to be the best, to make everyone happy.
     Finally few weeks after that, I was shocked when I looked at my phone. There was a message from University Teknologi Petronas that I was selected to join the educamp which was the first step to be selected to enter UTP. I had done the interview with spirit and hope from my family. The vice chancellor of UTP said that the result will be announced few days after the interview. Thanks to the God. I was selected to enter UTP taking course of mechanical engineering for 5 years.  This was my victory in my life. Triumphant I achieve. I was grateful to the God. I can make my family smile for my victory in life.

Thursday, June 16, 2011



Have you ever experienced your one gay day turn into a topsy-turvy, an eccentric day? Well, I did. It was 32 months ago, when I was enjoying my fluffy waffle with a cup of tea near the veranda. A man, about 7 foot tall with darked eyes ,appeared from nowhere and handed me a letter. Stated inside that i was chosen to participate in a camping at the virgin lake. I startled. Then, my mind started puzzling, thinking – how do they know me? , the virgin lake? and am I the only one?

I kept on thinking, do I know them? During the journey, we had a little chat,to be precise, a natter. They said that they had been observing me since the last summer; they already knew my family background that my parents were separated, my little brother died when he was jumping with the trampoline at our backyard, my grandma loves knitting and so on so forth. Surprisingly, those people kept on talking about myself until we reached at the virgin lake 3 hours later. Yet, they didn’t let me know who they were actually,not even their name. It’s quite bizarre and plus, fishy and suspicious atmosphere. I ignored.

At last, here we are. The VIRGIN lake. It seems like I’ve never seen or heard this place before. But,wait! Now only I remember. Dad once told me about this lake. He was a child when he enjoyed the most carefree period of his life. It was his favourite place for fishing and camping as it used to be a virgin lake, with wildlife and absence of any kind of good roads to it. Daddy said that this lake symbolizes his youth age, being a witness to the all moments of his joyfulness. But, this is totally not to what I’ve imagined before. In front of my eyes was now a wild lake, where cottages sprinkled around the shores, and it was in farming although the shores of the lake were quite heavily wooded. I wondered around the jungle all by myself, wondering that the lake is not supposed to be like this. Am I in the right place?

Am I the only one? Well,there were other girls with me on that particular day. But they treated me just like I am the shadow for them. All they did were just ignoring me. I mean that when I am trying to talk to them, or ask them about something, they will acted as if nothing happened. Being isolated and astrayed from others, just like no one cares about your existence around them, is truly dreadful experience for me. As I am trying to approach them, the wind slapped my face brutally. I can’t touch them. My nerves triggered the spine, causing me to tremble wobbly. I fainted. When I woke up, I am home.

Thus, frankly speaking, that quirky day will sure appeared vividly in memories throughout my whole life. I believe that there must be some message that ‘them’ really wanted to deliver to me. They wanted me to appreciate my family, to be the real grown up lady, matured enough to face the obstacles and to fulfil the future responsibilities, and also to treat other as good as I treat myself. So, from that moments onwards, after shipping through all the odds that day, I realised and improvise myself and finally today, here it is. The new me!


My Moment of Anxiety!

It’s psychologically proven that more than half of the population on Earth does not like examinations, tests, and quizzes. Me? Hell no! I dislike exams! Here’s why.

Few months back, in 23 March 2011, SPM results day. It was dooms day for many hopeless students, like me. That morning, I felt so unprepared to receive my SPM slip. I was nervous. Too nervous, I started panicking in my room. I had no idea what my results would look like. Bits and pieces of old memories came back to me. Language papers were normal. Math & science papers were hard but not too hard that I couldn’t handle. Moral & History papers were the killers. I hate these two subjects. Without studying them, I had to crap throughout those papers. True story. I knew I badly screwed up those papers. I could feel the presence of fear in me.

A knock came by my room. It was my mother. Knowing that she would start her crap in front of me, I dared not to open the door. I couldn’t face my mother at all. In fact, my mother’s voice was already all over my head. Her nagging voice kept repeating in my head like a spoiled MP3 player stuck on replay. However that morning was different, all she said was “Be happy for whatever you will get. Everything will be fine”. I was surprised. And there she went away. Those words made me calm and felt better. That’s why people say that mothers have the natural ability to calm their children.

Eventually I went back to school. The hall was full with ex-form 5 students. After months being separated from my friends, memories of school life gave me a nostalgic vibe. There was so much to catch up with my classmates, teachers and everyone. Everyone was chatting cheerfully together in their most comfortable way. Then soon, it was 11 in the morning. Everyone had to line up according to their respective classes.

Finally, the moment of truth was just seconds away. The fear was still filling me up like crazy. My heart was pumping like it was above 130 bpm. Sweat won’t stop trickling down from the back of my spine. Waiting in line, I could see some of my friends who already got their slips. There were sad faces, disappointed faces, satisfied faces, happy faces and masked faces from those who did not want to show their true emotions. It was my turn. My Hands and legs were trembling uncontrollably. Heavy-heartedly, I reach out both my hands to my class teacher to receive my results slip. After receiving it, I tucked it into my bag and quickly walked away. Thanks to my mother’s encouragement, I put myself together and pulled the slip out and took a look. There was a B+. It was a total disappointment. My heart finally calm down. Thank God. Anxiety was over. I was disappointed and sad but life must continue.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Untitled essay

                I was raised in a well-mannered family and an earnest background. Both my parents are architects and used to work for the Penang government before reaching into the private sector. My dad established his own architectural firm after working for 8 years with JKR(Department of Public Works), recruiting my mom as one of his employees. He first started off small but slowly gained recognition nationally. One of his biggest projects is designing the new police headquarters in Taiping, Perak. My parents got married on the 30th of May 1987 and conceived their first child, my brother, on the 25th of August 1988. I was the second-born and later followed by my sister in 1996.

                My mother was born and raised in Kuching, Sarawak but continued her studies in MRSM Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan when she was only 13. As for my dad, he was born and raised in Ayer Itam, Pulau Pinang and furthered his studies in the Malay College Kuala Kangsar, Perak when he was 13 as well. They both met while pursuing their studies in Architecture in Western Australia Institute of Technology, which was later renamed to Curtin University situated in Perth, Australia.

                My primary school years in S.K. St. Xavier’s was a memorable one as I was the head prefect of the school, as well as the chairman of Karate, Living Skills and Red Crescent societies of the school/by being the head prefect in my final year there, I gained a lot of experience being as both a student and a leader.

                During secondary school, I started being active in sports as well as my Karate again. I excelled in Karate as I achieved my Black Belt Shodan status by the time I was in form 2. I also trained for the state’s SUKMA team but couldn’t further my training as the even clashed with my SPM year. I also got placings for my school’s annual cross-country even each year as well as placings for my school’s inter-sports house Rugby and Table Tennis competitions. For my Robotics Club, my team and I created a robot that could draw and paint actual ‘Batik’ patterns using real wax and a ‘Canting’ pen as well as a completely automated theatre that displays Malaysian ‘Wayang Kulit’ through robots. For this, we received several awards at State level for our achievements. In my final year at Penang Free School, I had four important posts in different societies at the same time, Vice-presidency for Robotics, Karate and Interact societies and vice-captaincy for my sports house.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Moment I Thought I’d Die

Have you ever felt the moment that you thought you would die? I have. It was 7 years ago. Back then, all that was happening was a total blur to me. I was in a state of shock and I could not bring myself together at that time to remember what exactly had happened. But, 7 years after that disastrous day, I visited the site. The moment I set my eyes on the site, it all came back to me.

It was a day after our SPM examination was over. Being eager teenagers who were overjoyed, we planned a picnic by the Batu Ferengghi Beach. My best friend, Zahara, a few classmates and myself went together. It was a beautiful day where the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the ocean was a calm shade of blue.

Upon arriving, we gathered our stuffs, rolled out a mat and started unpacking our food. There were a lot of foods, from roti canai to nasi lemak to fried rice. Haven’t eaten since morning, I helped myself to the delicious spread of food. The rest played beach volleyball. As I was finising my food, I glanced at the waters. There she was, Zahara, being a beach buff that she was, was having fun in the water.

Suddenly, I heard her scream her lungs out. A huge wave as tall as 3 metres was fast approaching the shore. She panicked and tried to swim to the shore. She panicked and tried to swim to the shore as fast as she could. People started to react to what was happening. Parents were running all around with their kids tagged along, a few stood still not knowing what to do, and some just ran absent-mindedly. In all that chaos, all I could hear was Zahara’s scream and a coast guard telling people to run to a higher ground. Someone grabbed my hand and started urging me to run for my life. I glanced at the waters where I last saw Zahara. She was no longer there.

I ran and ran and ran without once turning back. I was scared. I was scared that the huge waves would hit me. I was scared that running away from huge waves would be the last thing i would ever do. I was also scared of the thought that I would die that instant. All of sudden, my hand was let go. It was Syira, my class mate, who has been running with me.

We saw a building and quickly took the stairs to the highest floor. It was an abandoned building with no electricity, water or food. Then, I started to cry. Never have I imagined a thing like this would have happened to me. I cried at the loss of my best friend and I cried for the safety of my friend and family which was unknown at that time.

After Syira calmed me down, we started to search for anything that could be of any help. We couldn’t find anything. A few days had passed and when it seemed that all the hopes were lost, we heard someone’s voice. “Is anyone here?”, a guy asked. “ Both Syira and I was ” When I opened my eyes, I was on a hospital bed. I was treated for exhaustion and dehydration. Syira was in a bed next to mine. To my right, my family crying tears of happiness. I was told that a few fire fighters had rescued us. I passed out right after they had found us. I was also informed that Aceh, Indonesia was hit badly by the Tsunami.

The death scare happened 7 years ago. But still, I could remember it so clearly. The reminiscence of this part of my life has always brought a rush of emotion to my mind. I am sad that my best friend is no longer with us. I felt sorry for the people who lost their family and fortune. I am truly grateful that I still have my other friends and family with me. But most of all, the moment I thought I’d die will forever be etched in my mind.


The day when I left my school without the school’s permission for the first time was my most unforgettable adventure and a priceless experience. I was in my senior year studying at a boarding school in Kuala Kangsar, “The Malay College”. That day, surprisingly I felt like a daredevil and wanted to try something new.

It all started when two of my best friends, Stone and Blur suggested that we should take a break from studying for our Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinations. So the three of us planned to sneak out after our Friday Prayers and take a bus to Ipoh to watch the movie “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 1” at Ipoh Parade. To get back to school after the movies, we opted for the last bus available or the midnight train Ipoh-Kuala Kangsar.

On our way to catch a bus to Ipoh, we bumped into two of our schoolmates, John and Ayip who coincidentally wanted to go to Ipoh as well. They told us that they were heading to Jusco. So after buying tickets to Medan Kidd Ipoh, the five of us boarded the bus together and began our journey. After a while, I felt sleepy and decided to take a nap. When I woke up, we had arrived at our destination. I felt drowsy and accidentally took the taxi along with John and Ayip, who were heading to Jusco. It wasn’t until several minutes had passed that I realised I was supposed to take the taxi with Stone and Blur to Ipoh Parade. So quickly, I called up Blur to make a detour to Jusco.

Upon reaching Jusco, the five of us decided to hang out together and bought the 5.00 p.m. movie slot for “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 1”. The movie was great and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. When the movie ended - Stone, Blur and I decided to head back to the bus station. We felt that we should make plans for transport arrangement as it was getting late and we did not want to be stranded in Ipoh for the night. But somehow John and Ayip managed to convince us to stay a little bit longer and have a game of bowling and dinner before heading back. They confidently said that the tickets for the midnight train Ipoh-Kuala Kangsar would still be available even if we reach the train station at 10.00pm.

After a game of bowling and dinner, it was already 10.00pm and we quickly headed to the taxi stand to take a taxi to the railway station. Shocked, we found that there were no taxis waiting at the taxi stand. We totally panicked and amusingly, my friends started to signal the incoming traffic franticly to hitchhike a ride. John even tried to reveal his bare legs imitating the act of a female hitchhiker. I was totally at loss and started thinking hard of ways to get to the railway station in time to buy tickets and board the last train. Suddenly, an idea struck and I suggested that we should head to the Jusco Information Centre to ask for the Ipoh Taxi Company contact number.

After about ten minutes, the taxi came for us and sends us to the railway station. We headed straight to the ticket counter and to our dismay; we were informed that the tickets for the last train Ipoh-Kuala Kangsar had sold out. John, who has occasionally rode the train before came up with an idea and convinced all of us to board the train even without the tickets. He assured us that we would not get caught as long as we act normal and we could hang around the Train Cafe to pass time. We all agreed with the plan and each of us vowed that if any one of us gets caught, we would endure the consequences together in line with our school batch stand, “Unity is Strength”.

The midnight train was delayed until 2.00 a.m. and we passed the time discussing topics of our History examination that would be held on the upcoming Tuesday. We even took some photos around the railway station to keep for memories. When the train finally arrived at the railway station, we all felt a sense of relief to be heading back to school.

Boarding the train, we headed straight to the Train Cafe and hung around. But luck was not on our side that day. After a few minutes, we were all caught by one of the ticket conductors. He demanded us to show our tickets and unfortunately, we were unable to do so. Blur apologized on behalf of all of us and explained to the ticket conductor that we did not intentionally want to board the train without tickets. He further explained that the tickets were actually sold out and we had no other means of getting back to Kuala Kangsar. The ticket conductor did not buy our excuses and demanded us to pay triple the amount of the original ticket price if we wanted to continue our journey. He told us that we should get off the train at the next stop, Tanjung Rambutan if we did not pay up. Disappointed, we found that all of our money combined, we could only pay the fare for only two people. Sticking to our vow to endure the consequences together, all of us decided to disembark together at the next stop.

Feeling frustrated, we decided to be cheeky as we reached the Tanjung Rambutan stop. When we got off the train, we thanked the ticket conductor for leaving us at Tanjung Rambutan and waved goodbye to him as well as other passengers on board. It was 3.00 a.m. We quickly started to brainstorm a solution on how to get back to school as we all had an English class at 8.00 a.m. that day. I offered that we should follow the rail tracks back to Ipoh as there were no available transports available in Tanjung Rambutan heading to Kuala Kangsar. Stone objected to my idea as he was scared of wild wolves that might pounce on us in the dark. Blur, on the other hand, was scared of ghosts that we might encounter. John and Ayip reflected that it was dangerous as one of us might get our foot stuck between the rail tracks. In the end, we decided to walk all the way to Kuala Kangsar.

On our way, we passed a Malay eatery that was still open for business. We stopped by to ask for directions to Kuala Kangsar. Instead of giving us the directions, the owner offered us to stay and rest for a while before continuing our journey at 6.00 a.m. when a bus to Ipoh will be available. We accepted his offer and after a while - Blur, John and I fell asleep. Ayip and Stone stayed up smoking. At 5.55 a.m. I woke up and shook Blur and John from their sleep. I had a hard time waking up Blur from his sleep and as a result, we all missed the first morning bus. We were all very annoyed at him but fortunately, ten minutes later, the second morning bus approached. We quickly thanked and expressed our appreciations to the Malay eatery owner before leaving to catch the bus to Medan Kidd Ipoh.

When we finally arrived at school, we scrambled through a secret big hole in the gate nearby the Hockey Field. We split up and went back to our own dormitories. I grabbed my towel and had a quick shower before heading straight to the English class at 8.00 a.m. :)


Do you have any best holiday ever? I have experience one. I found my wife from that holiday. Since high school, I love Izzati very much. I always do something to make sure that Izzati is mine forever. By doing so, I know that it will prove my love to her, remind her how much I love her and it will be last forever.

It’s semester break. Since last year I had plan to have a vacation at a beach near my uncle’s mansion. I had planned everything. Izzati and few friends of me agree to spend their holiday with me. Today is the day. We decided to spend few nights at the mansion before going back to hometown.

It’s just five of us; Izzati, Amin, Azzan, Fyqa and me. We decide that Amin will drive the car for two hours before I drive it for another three hours. Izzati always wants to seat in front. I always give her what her one. Thus, I let her to site in front, beside Amin. From back, I was so jealous to see them so friendly together. I saw Amin hold Izzati’s hand. That moment had made me become mad to Amin.

For every moment we spend our time at the mansion and its beach, Amin always together with Izzati. That had made me reach my breaking point. Tonight is the night. I am going to make it real tonight. Tonight we are going to have a nightmare story at the mansion’s hall. The night start with Amin tells his story about an abandon house near his hometown. The session goes on with story from Fyqa, Azzan and Izzati.Then, It is my turn to tell my story.

I told them that it is true story that happen in that hall. It is nearly midnight and they started to feel scare. The story begins when that mansion is used as motel few years ago. The hall used to be as the common room of the motel. It is three o’clock in morning when the incident happens. It was a young man who rent a room there wake up when he heard someone is calling his name. He gets out from his room and follows the voice. As he going downstairs, he follows the voice which leads him to the common room. Next morning, one of the motel workers saw a headless body in the common room. Until now, the policemen still did not found the head of that young man.

My story end when it is started to rains heavily. Everyone started to feel creepy and ready to sleep. That night, someone knock Amin’s room door. Amin wakes up and get out from his room. He heard someone calling his name. He still in puzzled when he follow the voice. The voice leads him to the hall.

The next morning, I wake up with smile on my face when I heard Izzati screams. I go to the hall and saw Amin’s body without head. Izzati hugs me. This is what I want. Izzati now is mine forever.

At the end of our holiday, the Amin’s death had shock some of us. The policemen still have not found his head. His murderer and motive is still a mystery. For me, I had found my happiness with Izzati. She is my wife now. After ten years, that holiday is my best holiday ever. Hahaha…

The Most Terrifying Moment Of

Everybody must have his most terrifying moment in his life. For me, the most terrifying moment I ever had in my life was the moment I faced about 5 years ago when I still in Form 1. The moment had turned the new page of my life, becoming the turning point on my life graph and changed me totally from a coward to a strong, brave person.
                The moment started as I hardly tried to open my eyes and when finally did it I was very shocked to see where I was. I wanted to cover my nostrils with my fingers when I sniffed a pungent and bad smell but both my hands were tied firmly by a rope. My legs also were tied with the same rope. I tried to scream but my mouth was covered by a cloth that I could not even said a single word. I started to become anxious. I widen my view. I was in about 2mx2m-room and the rubbish seemed to fill the entire small room. I was wondering how I came to this horrible place. The last thing I remembered was the television. Yes, I was watching Transformers at my home alone when suddenly a hand with a piece of cloth covered my mouth. Then, I became unconsciousness. 
                As I tried to get idea how I can been at this place, I heard a hoarse voice coming from the door. I tried to focus my hearing. “What are we doing with that boy, sir?” My neck was shivering as I know that I had been kidnapped. The man must be talking with his boss just now. I felt very panic and began to think what to do. The first thing that I need to do was to free my movement by releasing my limbs from this rope. I navigated the area to find something that could help me to do that. Finally, my view came to a piece of a glass fragment that was located quite a distance from my place. With all my strength I managed to roll to it and quickly applied the sharp part of the fragment to cut the rope. “Okay, now I can move. So, what can I do now?” I whispered slowly.
                As I kept thinking, the door opened. A fat, well-shouldered man appeared from the door and as I expected he was very surprised when he saw me moveable. I too was actually surprised to see him. I breathe with gasping. I could feel my heart pumping faster as an ordinary feedback mechanism for a human in this situation. My rate of metabolism increased as the blood sent more oxygenated blood to each part of my body. Fight or flight situation. I did not know exactly what should I do at this moment. I did not think I can defeat this guy in front of me that seemed to be like a gorilla now. He started to attack me with a heavy punch and I was fortunate to evade that first attack. But the man skillfully used his leg to find his target on my body. It happened so fast. I screamed at the top of my voice.
                All of a sudden, my anger controlled me. On impulse, I took the glass fragment from the ground and threw it accurately to his face. Then, I ran as fast as I could to distance me from that guy. I did not know what happened to him just now and I did not want to know. What I wanted was to run from this horrible place. So, I increased my speed and only losing it as I felt exhausted. It was dark but I do not feel cool. There was a burning sensation in my limb which was matted with my blood. Then, I continued my running, just to become cautious if that man was chasing me. I reached the main road and was very lucky to see a car approaching me. I stopped the car and asked for the driver’s help. From her, I managed to lodge a police report at the nearby police station. Then, the police called my parents to inform about my condition. According to him, he had received a report that a boy was missing yesterday. Twenty minutes later, my parents came with a cry and I was grateful to see both of them.
                The terrifying accident was happened about 5 years ago but until now, the police still do not find the kidnapper and the mastermind for my abduction. Although I had given detail information about the man and the house, the police still could not solve this mystery. The motive for this case is still unknowable. But they believe that it was not about money because the kidnapper never call my parents to ask for the ransom. The police are still investigating this case. For me, I am grateful to save from the most terrifying accident I ever had. I try to be more cautious in whatever I do. Sometimes, I thought who was that man and what he wanted from me but to no avail. So, I am trying to forget that moment from keep disturbing my life.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

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Muhammad Danish a.k.a Dany D :D

The Day I Became a Better Person

     It all started during my first day at junior PETRONAS Military Camp at Petronas Penapisan Malacca on the year 2004. That was my first camping program that didn’t involve my school. That was the first time I experienced holding and firing a real rifle. I learned a few things about life at the camp that is respect, teamwork and honour.
     What I learned about respect at that camp was mainly about respect everyone even though they’re older or younger. The participants of the camp were aged from 10 to 18 years old. So, each of us had to respect each other because we’re all from the same batch of junior military camp. Besides that, during our meals, we all have to sit down together so that we all can eat at the same time. Before we start eating, 1 of us must say the prayers to eat. By then we can start eating. If a person eats earlier than all of us, we all have to throw away our foods. Therefore, with discipline, we can live a happy and simple life.
     Next, teamwork is needed in our daily life. Teamwork is mainly used in schools, works or social activities. In the camp, we’re encouraged to work together under all circumstances, even though that work can be done alone. For example, we were given a task to gather five fire woods per person. It can be done alone, but it is better to do the work together as a team. Teamwork bonds us well with the surroundings. So, to work easier, teamwork is a priority.
     Lastly, to have pride, we must have honour. People will look up to us if we were to have honour. We increase our honour by doing good things for other people and our country. By joining this camp, I earned my honour for serving my country. I was even honoured by my friends for helping them a lot with their works. However, it is easy to lose our honour, but it we can gain them back by doing the right thing at the right time.
     At the camp, I learned a lot about life. As stated above, I learned how to be a good person, a more helpful person and how to be honoured. That’s where I learned how to be a better person.

Hi. I am straight. I like girls. I love them. True story.

I come from a small family of five including both of my parents, elder sister, younger brother and me. My family is not rich. In fact, my lovely parents have to work hard to make ends meet. My sister is currently pursuing dentistry in USM. I am here. And my playful brother is slacking in his form 4. My SPM result was not good so I will pass. So sad.

Active is my middle name. My passion towards sports is growing every day. Basketball is my main sport. Besides that, I also enjoy other sports like futsal, badminton, rock climbing, abseiling, etc. Call me and I will be there. Call me! Haha

Apart from that, I am an open-minded person. I accept all my friends for whom they are, and I am able to tolerate and work as a great member with anyone. Please do not hesitate to make friends with me.

I hope that no one was bored of my brief introduction. Nice to meet you all! :D

Me Myself and I ; Nur Amirah Nordzi

I was given the name 'Nur Amirah' by my parents. I was born in Subang Jaya, Selangor on 13th December 1993. By this year I'm going to turn 18 years old. My hometown is in Cheras, Selangor. As for siblings, I have one younger brother and two younger sisters. That makes me the eldest child in my family. My previous school was Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bandar Tun Hussein Onn 2. I am a low profile type of person back in school. People always misjudge me as I do not smile so often, or being friendly enough. On my free time, I would like to just sit around and relaxing. Sometimes I would spend my time watching the channels on the television and surfing the web. I like to travel over the seas or in another word; going for vacations. So far I had go to Singapore, a couple of places in Indonesia and God willingly, South Korea not long from now. Ilove to be with my family no matter which phase of life I'm getting through. They are my spirit to success in whatever I am doing in Universiti Teknologi Petronas, my current learning institute. Eventhough sometimes I find it hard to bear the thoughts to my family, I keep holding on when I think about my parents. As for my academic achievements, I have never failed to get straight As in public examinations. However, my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia result disappoint me. That is my past from now on. Currently, I am studying engineering foundation in UTP. As I analyse myself, I can say that I am trying to improve myself in every little aspect. That's all, thank you for taking the time to read this.

The Moment by Mohamad Hanif b Md Nor

Everybody has a day where things are fairly good then something happens that ultimate embarrassment and they think that they will never be able get over it. The truth of the matter is that people do get over those embarrassing moments and look back on them and laugh because it was truly funny and it doesn’t affect them anymore. Just like anyone else I’ve had a few embarrassing moments in my short lifetime so far. Having to look back on all of the embarrassing things that have happen to me I would have to say my most embarrassing moment was in the mall with my friend and that mannequin fell on me. I too thought that I would never be able to get over the fact that I was embarrassed in the mall surrounded by a bunch of my peers.

One day my friend and I where getting ready to go out of town to pekan,pahang where we would be attending a Southern Football game. We where so excited about leaving because it was the only time that we actual go somewhere without our parents always around us. While packing our things we decided that we need a new outfit and a new pair of shoes. First we made sure to finish packing all the small; but necessary items like toothbrush, comb, toothpaste, and comb. Then we borrowed my father car to go hunting for new outfits and shoes.

Our first stop was jusco to this little strip mall that we like to shop at; but we didn’t have any luck finding what we were looking for that day. So we made our way to carefour mall and look around in a few stores my friend found some shoes that he purchased and I have found a shirt that I purchased. After leaving carefour my friend still needed an outfit and I need to complete my outfit and get some shoes. We took a break from shopping and got some lunch to eat. Then we then decided to go to the Mall of kuala lumpur to continuing looking for our new things.

Upon arrive at the Mall of kl we stopped at adidas’s to check out there selection of shoe after leaving that shop we saw these two amazing looking guys. We decided to follow them to get a better look; us trying to follow them without it being obvious. They stopped in this urban wear store where they where looking at so throwback jerseys. We were acting like we were looking at the throwback dresses next to the men’s jerseys that they were looking at. I looked away for a minute
to look at the dress my friend had in her hand and they were gone. My friend turned around to look in the mirror and bumped the mannequin it fell right on me and I fell to the ground. The two guys were standing behind us and started cracking up laughing.

The salesperson in the store helped me up and fixed the mannequin back the way it was suppose to be. I was so embarrassing will never go to the mall with her again.

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Muhammad Danish a.k.a Dany D :D


    I am a kind of person that likes to live a simple life. I like to make people laugh for my actions. I am usually a happy-go-lucky type of person. I am not the kind of person who likes to show off. I prefer being under a low-profile.

    Other than that, on academics, I am good at Mathematics, English and mostly problem solving kind of subjects. I scored pretty good for my English and my Mathematics.

    Aside from my academics, I am also active in sports. I mainly play rugby because I like the rules of the game. It's a balance kind of sports because it uses both mentality and physical. Besides that, I also play football, badminton, basketball, volleyball and golf.

    About my personal backgrounds, I was born in the 11th June 1993. I'm the first child in my family and I'm the only son. I'm usually the only one to do the heavy works at home. I sometimes help my mother cooking in the kitchen. I even sometimes cook for my family. Besides that, I like to help people solve their problems, mostly their personal problems. Some of my friends even came to me to seek for my help. But for those who live far from me, they will just contact me through the cellphone or the internet. :D