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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

love letter


Dear ezzat,
I’m fine. Thanks you for your concerned for asking me that question. It’s true that we haven’t see since our last day at primary school. Or should I repeat it again “PRIMARY SCHOOL”. We were in child age during that time. Even you not matured enough to understand the meaning of love. Except for me, Im girl and reach puberty at the age. Even I have reached puberty at that time. I still could not understand what is actually loved. Do we really need love? Yes I am a psychiatric. But who said to you that I was single? At the time I’m futher my studied at Munich. I founded my true love, Haiqal. We have wonderful time together till now. For your information, he stills my husband and we have three kids. Congratulation to you because now you are well successful geoscientist.
Dear ezzat,
Yes I still remembered the hut. The placed that we used to spend time together after recess. It was  so sweet at that time. We were playing games, doing homework and we understand what is actually friendship meant. Me also miss that moment. If I have I change to rewind back to the time. honestly  I will be the happiest person in this world.
I moved to Sydney because my parents have to work there. We can only plan but God will do the rest. It is fate. Our fate was not being together. We have different world and thinking. It is for you if you control your feelings. I know that you are nice person. We deserve better.
All the flying colour result that you get was not because of me. The one that bring success was you. Think positive. Your mom done a good decision because married your with Shera. It was your fate. Shera is your true love. God will not do bad thing to human. It is destiny to guide her. Love her. I’m also a woman. I understand well what her feeling. Actually she wants to test you. Whether you love her or not. How come you said that she find her true love now? 35 years she stand  by your side. You need to forget me. Stop hoping that I will become your wife. Shera is your wife.
I’m so sorry. I’m not your wife to be. You need to realize that. You need to give your love to Shera. She really love you. She love you more that herself. She’s no with me. At my home. We were plan this so that your will realize. Stop dreaming. Wake up! It is your responsible to guide and love her. I hope that we still can be friend. :D
Your true friend,

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